It seems I'm branching out from just book reviews to actual author interviews.  In considering this process, I've read interviews all over the web, considering the kinds of information that's asked and presented.  In coming up with the 7-Step Scoop, I knew I wanted:
  1. to have really interesting information that readers would not only read, but could look forward to;
  2. to keep the interview process short enough that even busy authors could participate; and
  3. to have similar questions so that interviews could be compared.

The 7-Step Scoop will include questions about writers' favorite vocabulary words, recently read books, and a lightning round.

7SS Interviews

Cormier, Sandra
Hickman, Michelle
Kennedy-Shaffer, Alan
Mills, David
Oh, Ellen
Orloff, Alan
Spero, Katie
Weaver, Emily Chaney
White, Karen


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