Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Latest Thing

Well, not quite "latest."  I've been painting for about a year now.   These are just a few designs. I started it because my dramatic daughter loved having her face done (those are her blue eyes).  I've done a couple of school events, and am thinking of setting up this summer at farmer's markets, etc. 


  1. Those are so cool! I love the butterfly face painting!

  2. This would be a nice family activity! I got a great idea from this for me and my kids. we could paint each others faces and without looking at the mirror to check how each other has been doing. Then when the painting is done, we could look at the mirror at the same time and see a surprise!

  3. What an artistic body painting. Paints such as these can mimic real life objects.

  4. Oh my, these are absolutely gorgeous! You should compile a youtube-video slideshow of all your body-art over time and see how it changes. With music in the background!

    Because, of course, everyone has a ton of time.

    I saw your comment on my post over at the Lascaux (sp?) flash fiction contest! I wrote about the dwarf who falls in love with Snow White. Thanks for the suggestion on the Black Pearl! I'll try to check it out. What's it about?

    Oh, and there are more stories where the dwarf one came from, if you stop by next week. = )

  5. I especially love the belly painting - so beautiful. And thank you for commenting on my LascauxFlash story!

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