Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Latest Thing

Well, not quite "latest."  I've been painting for about a year now.   These are just a few designs. I started it because my dramatic daughter loved having her face done (those are her blue eyes).  I've done a couple of school events, and am thinking of setting up this summer at farmer's markets, etc. 

Friday, March 9, 2012


 Stretching my writers' limbs, that is.  I have three weeks off school, so I plan to do some non-academic, non-APA formatted writing.  This is something I dashed off a while ago - want to help me edit it?  What changes would you make?

Beth stared at the wine list, trying to look like she was making a careful selection. Actually, she was trying to catch her breath as she mentally reviewed all the things she had probably said wrong. Her freshly manicured fingernails dug into the leather-looking plastic of the three-page wine list. Perfect. Now she’d taken too long to look and needed some intelligent order to give the waiter, who was waiting for her with practiced patience.

“Um,” she said. “I think I’ll try this Merlot, the Australian one.”

“I’ll have that, too, please,” said the man sitting opposite her. She glanced at him as the waiter nodded and briskly took the wine list from her hands. Tall, with dark hair and thick eyebrows, he was better-looking and more interesting than any of the other disastrous dates she’d been on in the last three months. He was also the only one who hadn’t been a blind date.

She smiled. He smiled back. He seemed far less nervous than she felt.

“So,” he said. “Want to share an appetizer? Or are you just going to have a salad?”

“Hey,” she replied indignantly. “I’m a modern woman, and I love to eat.” He laughed. “How do you feel about bruschetta?”

 “Oh, god, you’re a foodie. No one else asks how you feel about food.” She met his eyes and could tell he was teasing. The light flickered, showing flecks of green in the brown. She folded her hands together in front of her.

 “So, Anthony, how long have you had this problem with food? Did you have a bad experience as a child?”

 “I have been scarred for life, and I retaliate by eating food instead of appreciating it,” he quipped. She laughed, and relaxed a little. The waiter brought their wine and took their order.

“I didn't think you were allowed to drink."  Anthony raised his glass by way of a toast while Beth mentally analyzed every possible intent he could have had in making such a statement.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


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