Saturday, September 24, 2011

Commonplace Book Entry #2

 Critical Encounters in High School English: Teaching Literary Theory to Adolescents
by Deborah Appleman

a response to reading Chapter 3 (some of the spacing is off because of the limitations of Blogger)

for my online MAT@USC


  1. I've gotta download a plug in before I can play this video. I've been needing to do it.

  2. Well...I don't have experience teaching literature in high school. But I do think there's a difference between teaching literary theory (postcolonialism, structuralism, feminist theory, etc.) and teaching literary history. I do think literary history is essential as early as one can get students to see it. But, and this comes from someone who embraces deconstruction and feminist theory, I think teaching that type of literary theory is a bit much for students who are still working to comprehend concepts of figurative language, five-act structure, and the characteristics of a sonnet.

    Having said that, I think there's a lot of space between "teaching literary theory" and "unmediated private exchange." I think it's important for "amateur" readers of literature to have mediated exchanges with the help them "get" that there are things intended by the author or evident in the text itself that are worth paying attention to, beyond their own individual responses.

    So I guess I'm saying I agree with you. :)

  3. Can you tell I'm in a break between individual student conferences and trying to find something to do with my brain?



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