Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random Disney Quotes LITE

all right, for non-fanatic Disney people
(this one's for you real fanatics)
What movies are these quotes from?
1. "I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."

2. "Hakuna Matata."

3. "Gaston, you are positively primeval."

4. "YOUR way?  All ways here are the QUEEN'S ways."

5.  "Oodelally!"

6. "Just keep swimming."

7. "Frying pans!  Who knew, right?"

8. "Ohana means family.  And family means nobody gets left behind.  Or forgotten."

9. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

10. " I am a precisional instrument of speed and aeromatics."

answers will be posted Monday!


  1. Thanks for making an "easy" version for us boneheads. I still only score about 70%. (Here's where you tell me, "And don't let the door hit you on the way out, dearie!")

  2. Oh, that's much easier. Except now I'm overwhelmed by the cacophony of songs playing in my head at once. Now stop procrastinating and go blow the rest of us away at CoN.

  3. Yeah. Maybe half? Better than the other one but not by much. *sigh*

  4. After getting the first three, I thought "How clever and Disney-informed I am, after all!" It was downhill from there; nothing besides the idiot-proof #9.



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