Saturday, January 1, 2011

the Year to Come

Unlike the list I made last year, my list of New Year's resolutions for 2011 is a serious look at growing more authentically into myself.  Other than the birth of my niece,* 2010 was a year in which I felt  - well, lost - more often than not.  I'm hoping to refocus in 2011.



Stay Ahead of Work Deadlines  


   Cry for No More than a Week When Bug Starts Kindergarten (in August)
Finish Valentine MS

Take Care of Self 
which includes but is not limited to: sleeping regularly, eating decently, not letting people mess with my head or my heart, and limiting internet time
the first pastor who mentored me in seminary was a Healing Touch practitioner; i need to remember those lessons

Establish a Daily Routine
that includes, 
weight training (even 5 minutes),
and keeping in touch with at least one friend a day

I'd love to hear your list.  And don't worry - if you're having difficulty with resolutions for 2011, you could always generate one.

*Obviously there were other highlights, such as meeting PJD and Sundance and finding out Colin Winter is still as lovely a person as he was when we were 13.  And I know people will point out others and I'll have to add them here so I don't offend anyone because I am just that nice a person.


  1. I like your goals. Good luck on crying for just a week once Bug starts kindergarten. I still have days were I would rather have my youngest at home instead of going to school. (He's in kinder.) A few of my goals are to pay down my debt, save money, transfer to a new school, and read more. Happy New Year!

  2. Ooh, the internet one is hard. Good luck with all your resolutions, and Happy New Year!

  3. One of my unstated resolutions for 2010 was to become an other highlight. I can check that off!

    I have not made goals for 2011. I like yours... They are healthy and grounded. I think if I had to be pressed, I would set my goals to be these: be open to possibility. Create opportunities, for myself and others. Focus on people that matter to me. Continue incremental improvements in diet and exercise. Get my eyes tested. (if they get much worse, I could get a job as a referee)

  4. Nice list. & I think I like the squirrel comic schedule. I may adopt that one. Happy NY!

  5. Hard when you're little one starts school. I remember it well.

  6. Did I forget to leave a New Year's hug? I totally forgot to leave a hug. Mea Culpa. ((((hug))))

  7. I wish you magic and wonder in 2011.

    I never set resolutions. I just struggle every day to do better than the last. I often don't succeed, but I find nobility in the effort.

  8. The net is tough because I feel compelled to market and get my name out there but at the same time I have to have time to write and spend time with my family.

  9. Miss you! Been having my own troubles with self-care so that's one of my big resolutions for 2011 too.

  10. Maybe we'll get a new post when you return from Sundance.

  11. Just wanted to wish you a fantastic new year! :)

  12. I never make resolutions because I always break 'em.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy blogoversary!

  13. New computer and now I can finally come see you again. My old one kept crashing when I tried to come here.

    Will be back when I can. I'm just now starting to revisit blogging friends.

    How are the resolutions going?

  14. This sounds like a great plan, hope you can stick by most if not all of them. You have great intentions, wish you the best of luck.



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