Saturday, January 1, 2011

the Year to Come

Unlike the list I made last year, my list of New Year's resolutions for 2011 is a serious look at growing more authentically into myself.  Other than the birth of my niece,* 2010 was a year in which I felt  - well, lost - more often than not.  I'm hoping to refocus in 2011.



Stay Ahead of Work Deadlines  


   Cry for No More than a Week When Bug Starts Kindergarten (in August)
Finish Valentine MS

Take Care of Self 
which includes but is not limited to: sleeping regularly, eating decently, not letting people mess with my head or my heart, and limiting internet time
the first pastor who mentored me in seminary was a Healing Touch practitioner; i need to remember those lessons

Establish a Daily Routine
that includes, 
weight training (even 5 minutes),
and keeping in touch with at least one friend a day

I'd love to hear your list.  And don't worry - if you're having difficulty with resolutions for 2011, you could always generate one.

*Obviously there were other highlights, such as meeting PJD and Sundance and finding out Colin Winter is still as lovely a person as he was when we were 13.  And I know people will point out others and I'll have to add them here so I don't offend anyone because I am just that nice a person.


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