Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year in Review

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Last January, I made some resolutions.  Sort of.   Let's see how I did.

1. Gain 20 lbs.  Rats, I just missed this mark.  But not by much, thanks to Starbucks' return of the salted caramel hot chocolate.

2. Lose patience with my children at least twice a day. Yes, yes, I accomplished this!

3. Set aside time to write and end up whittling it away playing around on Facebook.  Yay, I accomplished this as well.  Though, sadly, I did write more this year than I ever have before.  I will work harder to goof off in 2011.

4. Never respond to emails, inbox messages, or phone messages. If you are one of the lucky people who benefited from this successful resolution of mine, congratulations.  And if, by chance, you're one of the poor few to whom I did respond, my condolences.

5. Eat my weight in junk food each day.
Sadly, I did not achieve this goal.  There's always next year.

6. Read only garbage, like books written by Ann Coulter or people with names that end in "y." Failed in this one, too.  I discovered too many fantastic authors, including M.K. Dobson (Native Star), Caragh M. O'Brien (Birthmarked), Sherwood Smith (don't make me choose), Anne Osterlund (Aurelia and Academy 7), and - yep, even a 'y' - Margaret Willey (The 3 Bears and Goldilocks).

7. Blog once a month.  Never mention Stephen Parrish.  By all accounts, I failed this, you know, 'cause of that whole release-date party for Parrish's debut novel Tavernier Stones and all.  Damn.  I wonder if Murphy's law is somehow active in this?  Okay, in 2011, I'm gonna have to never mention Brendan Fraser.

8. Wait until 2011 to read the third Hunger Games novel and the third Kristin Cashore novel.  Ignore Quencher, Plum Blossoms in Paris, The Tavernier Stones and Paranormalcy altogether.  I don't think the third Kristin Cashore novel is out, so I completed that resolution successfully!  Fortunately, I also haven't yet read Quencher, due to my delicate constitution and fear of lusting after its author even more.   And of all the titles mentioned, the one I should foist upon you is Paranormalcy.  Words cannot describe its amazingness, but come on.  Any book with a pink stun gun is sure to be a huge success - and that's just what Paranormalcy is.

9. Refuse to have dinner with Brendan Fraser when he discovers my winning Clarity of Night entry.
  I took second place in July's CoN contest, and received a note from Brendan's assistant that he's waiting for me to take first.  Jason, help me out here.

10.  Lose any interest in finding a cure for autism, or even in finding coping mechanisms to help those children and their parents.  I'm gonna say I failed this one, too, because I spent much of the year researching and developing a plan for ministry with special needs children, as well as losing my heart to a 4-yr-old from California who has Down's Syndrome.

How'd you do on your 2010 resolutions?


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