Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hinky Pinky

wholly stolen from Co-Dictator of the Universe B

New Fun Game! Rhyming! Guessing! Road-trip friendly!

2+ players, Age unlimited.

It's all about the rhymes, folks.

You think of two related, rhyming words (fat cat, bird turd, stable table). Based on the number of syllables in each word, you say "hink-pink" (1 syllable), "hinky-pinky" (2 syllables) or "hinkity-pinkity" (3 syllables, ultra-rare).

Then the clue! The Co-Dictator's SIL insists that the clues must be one-to-one and not phrase value, but We (as in the Royal "We") think that "my uncles" is a better clue for "Mother's brothers" than "parents, siblings."

After the clue giving, pandemonium breaks out and everyone calls out guesses. A lot of the time, there are some really good pairings that you hadn't thought of, but stick to your guns for the phrase you picked.

The winner gives the next hinky-pinky and the games goes on. While it is kind of silly on the internet with rhyming dictionaries galore at the click of a mouse, it's a lot of fun and can be quite challenging in person.

Also, it's a break from I-Spy.

Now We are trying to get this going viral, so please join in!  Make sure you link back to me, and also link to the next challenger.

ROUND 1:  Hinky-Pinky, Scary Tent

WINNER: Aerin, with "creepy teepee"

ROUND 2: Hinky-Pinky, duck pile-up
WINNER: PRECIE!! with "quacker stacker"

ROUND 3: Hinkity-Pinkity, 


  1. quacker stacker?

    If so, I have hinkity-pinkity ready for you.


  2. YAY! Yes, it is! Want me to just add your hinkity-pinkity here? Email me or just leave another comment.

    Oh, damn. Now I really miss you.

  3. I sooo miss you too! Hope you have fun with Jen!

    Hinkity-pinkity: significant animal

  4. All I can think of is Grandpooba Koala or Important Elephant.

    Hinkity Pinkities are TOUGH!

  5. I think B-dot was close. I think it's Relevant Elephant.

    When I was a kid, maybe 10 years old, my stepmom taught me this game. She used it in her fourth grade classes, and we played it all the time. We even got to a few hinkadity pinkaditys.

  6. Bingo! PJD got it!


  7. Way to go, Pete! Looking forward to seeing your clue.

    Those hinkadity pinkadities sound like they should be a controlled substance, though.

  8. Precie futilely struggles not to obsess over creating hinkadity pinkadities.



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