Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday of the First Week of Lent

About Reading Through Lent

We may say this of the face of sloth: that at any stage it is the face of those who are already old beyond their years, who seem never to have known any springtime, whether in their own lives or around them each year, in whom the sap seems never to have risen.
Henry Fairlie

I don't like someone who doesn't sleep, says God.
Sleep is the friend of humans.
Sleep is the friend of God.
Sleep is perhaps the most beautiful thing
     I have ever created.
And I myself rested on the seventh day.
One whose heart is pure, sleeps.
And one who sleeps has a pure heart.
That is the great secret of being as indefatigable as a child,
Of having that strength in the legs that a child has,
Those new legs, those new souls,
And to begin afred every morning, ever new,
Like te young hope, new hope.
But they tell me that there are people
Who work well and sleep badly.
Who don't sleep. What a lack of confidence in me!
Charles Peguy

There is only one purpose for punishment, and that is to teach a lesson. And there is only one lesson to be taught, and that is love. Perfect love banishes fear; and when we are not afraid, we know that love which includes forgiveness.

When the lesson to be learned is not love, that is not punishment; it is revenge or retribution. Probably the lesson of love is the most terrible punishment of all—an almost intolerable anguish—for it means that the sinner has to realize what has been done, has to be truly sorry, to repent, to turn to God. And most of us are too filled with outrage at rape and murder to want the sinner to repent. We want the sinner to feel terrible, but not to turn to God and be made whole and be forgiven.

And so we show that we do not know the meaning of forgiveness any more than Jonah did in his vindictive outrage at the people of Nineveh.
Madeleine L’Engle

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  1. Wow, L'Engle's quote reall touched a chord with me. Forgiveness is elusive yet integral ... "To err is human, to forgive divine."



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