Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reading Through Lent

I've run the gamut of subjects on this blog, which I created initially to devote to reading, writing and all things literary.  Now I'm going to introduce a subject that I have previously tried to avoid.  I've tried not to talk about my spiritual beliefs, since few people truly believe that I am loathe to proselytize.  I'm a left-wing progressive Christian with a fondness for high church despite serving in a denomination that runs pretty much right through the middle - of everything.

Today, some members of my religion celebrate Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent.  In the past, I have gathered devotional readings for groups to which I belong.  The process calms me, allows to me to focus.  After all, words are to me what breathing is to yogis.

For the next forty-six days, I'll be posting devotional readings here at In Search of Giants.  My challenge to myself is to find those readings in literature as much as possible (there's a great one from J.D. Salinger, for example.)

Take the posts as you will: remove me from your Google reader, use them in your own spiritual journey, study them as interesting but irrelevant groups of words.  Disagree in the comments, pose questions, but do not belittle anyone's perspective.  Every person is entitled to his or her opinions, and I will delete disrespectful comments.  (What I expect, actually, is that there will be no comments, but, hey, I'm good with that.)

"Everything that is is holy." - James Agee 

Quotes taken from the compilation A Lent Sourcebook: The Forty Days, ed. by J. Robert Baker, Evelyn Kaehler and Peter Mazar.  Liturgy Training Publication, 1990.


  1. Well I for one am looking forward to it! :)

  2. I think it sounds fab. Last night Father Rol was encouraging us to read spiritually and I was thinking I had no idea where to start!! I saw the lights on at your church and thought of you.

  3. What a great idea for Lent! I look forward to the posts....

  4. I don't think anyone who appreciates your blog would feel offended if you post seasonal readings. We don't have to read them if we aren't interested, after all. Not my cup o' java, but I'll probably read them. :)



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