Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010, here I come.

The one thing I know about 2010 is that I will not, at least for the first few months, be accepting any books for review. I will still occasionally review the books I do read (acquired on my own). I will still comb my fellow book bloggers' sites for recommendations.  If I'm going to pressure myself to do anything, though, it's going to be to write.  Then y'all can review my book.

Ultimately, I rarely have success with resolutions.  I end up completing exactly the opposite of that which I've set out to achieve.   This year it's going to be different.  This year I'm making a list of resolutions which can last the entire year, a list of things I want to accomplish that I know are within my grasp.  (And....if by some strange, random chance I once again complete exactly the opposite....well, c'est la vie.)

Here are my Resolutions for 2010:

1. Gain 20 lbs.

 2. Lose patience with my children at least twice a day.

3. Set aside time to write and end up whittling it away playing around on Facebook.

4. Never respond to emails, inbox messages, or phone messages.

5. Eat my weight in junk food each day.

6. Read only garbage, like books written by Ann Coulter or people with names that end in "y."

7. Blog once a month.  Never mention Stephen Parrish.

8. Wait until 2011 to read the third Hunger Games novel and the third Kristin Cashore novel.  Ignore Quencher, Plum Blossoms in Paris, The Tavernier Stones and Paranormalcy altogether.

9. Refuse to have dinner with Brendan Fraser when he discovers my winning Clarity of Night entry.

10.  Lose any interest in finding a cure for autism, or even in finding coping mechanisms to help those children and their parents.


  1. Ha! Let me know if it works!

    And I love love love my bookmarks!!!

  2. You kill me. 2009 seems to have been a shitty year for many of us. But 2010 is gonna be tits.

  3. That seems pretty doable. Yes. I agree.
    Go Aerin go!

  4. Gain 20lbs?

    Are you in danger of disappearing?

  5. Hah. This is the kind of list I should make. I hope 2010 is YOUR year, Aerin.

  6. Stephen keeps saying 2010 is gonna be tits - personally, I can think of a few other body parts I'd rather see...

    Good luck on the resolutions :-)

  7. I remember reading The Egypt Game over and over and over.

  8. Nice resolutions! I think I may need to copy some of those...



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