Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SHRINKING VIOLET by Danielle Joseph

Shrinking Violet Shrinking Violet
by Danielle Joseph

May 5th 2009 by MTV
Paperback, 304 pages
1416596968 (isbn13: 9781416596967)

3 of 5 stars

 You're listening to Sweet T on 92.7 WEMD SLAM-FM.

Teresa Adams, high school senior, dreams of being a deejay on her stepfather's hot Miami radio station. The problem is that she can hardly speak a word in school, she's so shy. Making eye contact, answering teachers' questions, and not to mention a nitpicking mom who thinks she's still a teenager herself - these are all the daily trials that plague Tere. An unexpected mishap lands Tere her dream. She's transformed into Sweet T, the fresh new deejay on SLAM-FM. When SLAM announces a songwriting contest in which the prize is a date to prom with Sweet T, Tere panics. Can she face the crowd, the publicity, and her hottie crush Gavin without falling apart?

If ever a book should be made into a movie with Demi Lovato, this is it (MIAM - Make It A Movie). There's no fault in the writing. Joseph's characterizations are easy and authentic, her dialogue's snappy and purposeful. The plot, although simple and predictable, is still fresh. Despite the fact that Tere's a senior, this is a sweet, dare I say innocent, book that will appeal to late middle school and early high school readers.

If someone hasn't snapped this up for a screenplay, they're idiots. But don't discount the printed page - Shrinking Violet would be a nice "break" read for high school students who are being faced with Romeo & Juliet or Lord of the Flies. It's fun, quick, and definitely worth getting.


  1. You're so right. Innocent is the best word to describe this book. That's not a bad thing though. And yes, I can see this being a hit for young teen girls as a movie.

  2. I just saw this book on another blog the other day and it sounds so fun! I'm going to check it out if I ever get through my TBR mountian...

  3. Sounds cute! Do you think it would be better off as a movie? Or just that it should ALSO be a movie?

    I think some stories (like Inkheart) are better off as movies then books.

  4. I've this book waiting for me in my tbr pile.

  5. I keep seeing this book. It's a sign. Must read. Great review, you finally tipped the scales for me.



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