Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy (Alleged) Birthday, Betty!


  1. She lives! And happy b-day, B. Gotta get back to the evil, world-conquering plan now ...

  2. Wha? Alleged? It was my birthday!!! Thanks for the well wishes.

    (I always have to fight the urge to reply with "And happy birthday to you." It just seems so one-sided.)

  3. Happy birthday!! (don't want to tick off the Supreme Co-Director of the Universe!!)

    Aerin, dearie--I have an award for you. Swing by to pick it up!

  4. Ha, I was trying to decide if this was a cake or just some presents, but then I saw the linkage on the bottom - and, since I've been cake image-shopping, I know pink cake box makes cakes :)

    Prettiness! Happy birthday to Betty!



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