Monday, July 13, 2009

Saundra Mitchell, contests, and query helps

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I've been continuing to think about undiscovered gyrl.  My comparison of Burnett to Salinger was less than specific.  I meant to say that I think that Burnett's undiscovered gyrl will elicit responses similar to those of Salinger's Catcher in the Rye.

Still, I'm amazed at how many of the reviewers of undiscovered gyrl still think the story is actually about Katie.  Imagine my surprise, as I researched for the Shadowed Summer review, that Saundra Mitchell was key in cracking open the Kaycee Nicole hoax.  How much more do we adore Mitchell - and question Burnett - now?

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I'm having issues with my blog redesign.  I decided to hire someone to help, but the only people I'm finding are uber-experienced professionals who charge an arm & a leg.  If CSS and XML don't scare you, and you have a little design background, would you email me?  Or make a referral?  aerinblogs AT aol DOT com  Thanks!!


  1. Thanks for the post!

    Good luck with the redesign! :)

  2. You are too a real writer! :) (PS: Started undiscovered gyrl today!!!)

  3. Aw, thanks for the linky love.

    I'm so behind in adjusting my links on my sidebar. That's up for today!



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