Monday, July 6, 2009

NO AMUSEMENT TODAY - Again. For Different Reasons.

UPDATE: Sorry to confuse y'all.  No Amusing Monday because I don't have time because I am working on the site reconstruction and anyway I already have all of these books to review, titles which, all but one, I've read since the beginning of June and haven't written reviews for yet. Yikesity yikes.  I gots a lotta work ahead of me!

Garden Spellsghostgirl: HomecomingLabor of Love: A Midwife's MemoirBoyology: A Teen Girl's Crash Course in All Things BoyRunning Out of TimeShadowed SummerJinxAll the WorldGhostgirlSilver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of XiaFireThe Wet Nurse's TaleMufaro's Beautiful DaughtersLament: The Faerie Queen's DeceptionThe OK Book Fairest of Them AllValeria's Last Stand

not to mention the blog redesign, wherein css kicks my ass
stay tuned!


  1. ummm. have you read all these books? what are you, crazy psycho speedreadergirl?

  2. Does not compute. What is the meaning of this?

  3. Oops. Sorry, loves. I added an update.

  4. You really are a speedreadergirl! :) But relax--it's summer. And email if you need my help with any CSS!

  5. That is a lot of books....I'm rather jealous! I think I read 3 last month and that's the most I've read in a while...

  6. wot, no wordage since the mega-5000?

    Drop down my girl!

  7. Haha sometimes I feel the same way! I've got a pile that hasn't been reviewed yet either...hmm I probably should work on that



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