Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Your Mark, Get Set....

Just when I thought I would shrivel up and die from withdrawal, Jason has announced the eleventh Clarity of Night Short Fiction contest.

The next contest is entitled In Vino Veritas (you expect lawyers to throw Latin around, don't you?) and opens on July 8, 2009. Yes, that's right. You have several weeks to prepare a 250-word flash fiction piece inspired by this picture:

Winning a CoN contest is like catching the bouquet at a wedding. It's practically a guarantee you'll be the next agented/published bride, or, er, author. My goal this contest is to keep my place in the Clarity of Night Forties Club, which is made up of all of us who pay Jason $40.00 who score at least a 40/45 possible points.

I am particularly thankful that Jason chose to post common issues that cause people points. Read it!

Not only do I expect all of my RCWC participants to enter (as always, you get your full 1000 points for the month if you enter a 250-word story); I would like your help in pressuring encouraging the Co-Dictator of the Universe to enter.


  1. i'll try to enter, somehow... i may not be home at that time and he does not want earlier entries

  2. I have been banging my head over the wine glass for 2 weeks now. Nothing seems good enough... sob sob.

  3. I'm excited too! I already have my idea for my story. Good luck to you!



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