Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Number of the Day

1. My birthday was yesterday, June 12.


2. I turned 33 years old.

3. I'm slightly bitter I couldn't be at Club 33 for my 33rd birthday.  But only slightly.

e="font-size: small;">4. The flower for my birthday month is a rose.

5. The gem for my birthday month is a pearl.
6. I was born at 5:25 PM, CST.

7. - 12. I received as presents:
  • a photo book of my kidlings
  •  tickets to Celtic Woman (look at the very bottom)
  • a full pound of Kilwin's salted dark chocolate covered caramels
  • a Starbucks GC
  • a clothing GC
  • and my mommy is getting me an iPhone on Monday
13. Birthdays, to  me, are akin to Valentine's Day - I don't like them because they feel so high-pressure.

14. Getting older no longer bothers me.  I'm aging well (ish).

15.  When I was looking for an image for "hate birthdays," I found the site, with this image that I'm tempted to send to...well, you know who you are.

16. I always say I don't believe in astrology, but the traits associated with being a Gemini do describe me, many days.

17. According to the Chinese Zodiac (or our American appropriation of it), I was born in the Year of the Fire Dragon.

18. Speaking of numbers, I am 2 1/2 years older than my sister, 9 and 11 years older, respectively than my little brothers; 7 years younger than Mr. Aerin, and 21 years younger than my mother.

19. I've always found it a little depressing that I share my birthday with Anne Frank and former president George Bush, Sr.  But I think it's very cool I share my birthday with Meredith Brooks (!), Ally Sheedy and Frances O'Connor.

20. I'm not at my healthiest, this birthday.  I've been neglecting my workouts, and it shows, both in my physical self and my mental well-being.  Next year, my plan is to look like this:

21.-23.  I am grateful for:
  • my blogosphere buddies 
(and especially the one who overlaps with my Posse)
  • my right-size house
  • my sweet, snuggly kittens

24. I now have a Facebook user name!

25. I was given time to write for my birthday (ie, my mother watched my kidlings.)
26.  I set a goal of 5000 words in a roughly 18-hour period.

27. I asked McKoala to punish me if I didn't succeed.

28. I named Janey and Pete as back-up punishers.

29. I wrote 4247 of the 5000 words in the time allotted.

30.  Janey's first punishment was to write the word "watermelon" 743 times.  I used this task to study the rhythm of words, paragraphs, etc.  Can anyone tell what passage I used to format the watermelons?  I'll send you a copy of it if you can.

31. Her second "punishment" is that I get the 743 words written by Monday.

32. I will report on my McK and Pete punishment tasks as they are assigned & completed.

33. My new goal is to join Pete in having a query-ready MS by the end of the year.


  1. 5000 words in one afternoon!? Wow, you're dedicated.

  2. I love it! What a great punishment...and you were really close to your goal! :)

  3. Clearly, you selected Heart of Darkness for your Watermelon piece. I love the section you used, too. My favorite part of the book.

    My "punishment" for you is to write a poem of at least six lines and no more than 40 lines that describes the feeling of coming >this< close to a stretch goal but falling just short at the deadline.

  4. Indeed, happy birthday. I hope you had a great celebration despite not being able to go to Club 33 for your 33rd. Mine's next month and I hope to celebrate by avoiding a celebration. And maybe a nap, lol.

  5. Sharing B'day with Meredith Brooks... NICE! :D
    Great punishments too. I wrote a post "I hate Birthdays" too. :)

    But I love when its a friends birthday and not mine. Now work on that poem for Pete. :)

  6. Happy b'day, Aerin. Hope it was a great one.

  7. Yesterday was my mother's birthday, too! I hope you had a good one. :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Wishing you lots of chocolate martinis in the year ahead.

  9. From one Gemini to another, a doubly happy birthday.

  10. Happy Birthday! I'm a horse (chinesely speaking) - which may explain why I have a hankering to gallop across the plains with the music from Bonanza or The Virginian playing in the background. You also share your birthday with one of my big sister's and with a bloke who I used to work with (who still works with Hubby) who is exactly the same age as my sis.

    Great present list. Your Mommy is fantastic. Wow - an iPhone and babysitting - I think, karma-ly, that makes her the best Mom eh-ver!!

    33 was a good year for me. I moved house and met some of my best friends that year. I got my gallbladder removed so I could eat cheese with confidence again and I still had a waist (although the cheese soon put paid to that). So I can confidently tell you - the best is yet to come.

    And remember I Watermelon you very much! xxx

  11. I love this! I hope it was a great day!

  12. Happy Birthday! And what a way to celebrate - with punishments from Janey, Pete and McK! You sure know how to party!

  13. belated birthday greets, aerin... hope it was grand! :)

  14. 1. Happy birthday, Rosey Posey!
    2. You rock!
    3. You're brilliant.
    4. You're gorgeous.
    5. You are deeply loved.
    6. You are sorely missed.
    7. You are a GODDESS, and not just because you came THIS close to 5k in an 18-hr period.
    8. You're a wonderful mom.
    9. You are absolutely fearless in all the best ways.
    10. I thought you got roses and pearls for birthday gifts until I read this post.
    11. Are you going to share a snippet from our nearly 5k birthday writing?
    12. Jealous as I would certainly be, I fervently hope that, for your next birthday, you have a book contract. :)
    13. Thoughts of you always make me smile.
    14. Thoughts of a 2010 BEA Posse Party with you make me do the snoopy dance.
    15. Have you been to Club 33 ever? I haven't and would be even more jealous.
    16. I hope 33 is a most excellent year for you.
    17. There's something soothingly round about the number 33.
    18-33. A random list of wonderful things about you:
    --your serene demeanor
    --your selflessness
    --your intellectual curiosity
    --your curiosity in general
    --your fashion sense
    --your bottomless encouragement
    --your insightful and sympathetic reads
    --your constructive criticism
    --your natural beauty
    --your openness
    --your spirituality
    --your passion for loved ones
    --your creativity
    --your enthusiasm
    --your smile
    --your friendship

  15. Happ-ay

    (D'you see how I did that? It's a diminishing rhyming tercet! Yay Poetry, or the satire thereof.)



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