Monday, June 22, 2009


If you're new to In Search of Giants, you might not know that the one feature I manage weekly is "Amusing Monday" - attempts at light-hearted week-beginning-ness.  Alas, you will need to wait another week to revel in a brand-new Amusing Monday post.  There will be no amusement today.

For, you see, I have been punished.   By the Queen of Punishment herself, McKoala.  I seriously am going to try not to enjoy it too much.  You know me and whips.  Wait, you don't?  Um....moving on.
Here is the first part of my punishment:
Dear All

I have failed the Mighty Koala. I said I would write 5000 words in a day. I didn't. Now she has generously offered me the opportunity to redeem myself by meeting that total in a week. She is all kindness and loving. I will post my start date here so that you can all follow my progress. And she says there had better be progress, or else...

(The red is meant to represent the blood I will shed over the next seven days.)
So, my faithful and encouraging followers, I begin today, June 22, and march diligently toward Sunday June 28, at which time I will have completed an additional 5000 words.  And in case you think the Koala is being too easy on me, keep in mind that prior to last weekend, my daily wordcount averaged 112.
Also, be on the lookout for JJdeGoblin.  She's pulling people's toenails and I don't think she's going to care whose feet she gets.


  1. Wow, an additional 5000 words? You can do it. I have faith in you.

  2. What you too - being pounded by the Koala? I'm beginning to think you and Janey are into a bit of S&M!!!
    Good luck with the word count!

  3. Sometimes all it takes is a little *cough*torture*cough* encouragement to get the wheels turning. In no time at all, Nathan Bransford will be blogging about this amazing new MS he just acquired that riffs on the Tower of Babel.

  4. I hope you make lots of words!

  5. Now we know! :D :D

    Aherm, first things first, hope you are feeling all well now. You'll need all your strength to face the wrath of McKoala. :)

    May the force be with you young one.

  6. Well, I sure as hell find this amusing. :) Good luck, sweetie!

  7. Go Aerin!

    *clacks the toe-nail pincers*

    ...or else. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  8. The best of luck! Will we be able to view your progress here?

  9. I'm watching you...

  10. I think it's amusing, too. Oh not the writing of 5000 words, but the way you have dealt with the punishment of the dreaded Koala.

    I'm rooting for you (and avoiding those pincers).

  11. I'm sorry but that's a bit harsh on account of you were only a day late getting your 5000 words done... Then again you did ask for it...

    Enjoy the torture.

    You do like writing don't you?



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