Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fantastic Featured Authors Blogroll

* - Authors with Heart

Sean Beaudoin*
Geraldine Brooks

Kristin Cashore
Sandra Cormier

Kami Garcia

Louise Hawes*
Sarah Hina
Tonya Hurley

Diana Wynne Jones

Robin McKinley

Stuart Neville

Ellen Oh

Tamora Pierce
Cindy Pon

Carrie Ryan

Margaret Stohl

Brooke Taylor

Lynn Viehl

If you don't see your blog (or any favorite authors' blogs) linked and would like it to be, please feel free to email me at aerinblogs AT aol DOT com, subject line: Blog Roll.


  1. you put me in the same list with Tamora Pierce and Diana Wynn Jones????? Do you know how much I adore you????

  2. Seeing my name on the same list as Diana Wynne Jones?
    How friggin' incredible!

    Thanks a ton!



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