Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Convalescent Catching Up

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter (hey, why don't you?), you might not know that I have strep.  Again.  Second time in four weeks.  The Bug had it twice within a month, too, and Mr. Aerin had it worst of all, but only once.  The Bear's the only one who hadn't had strep, but Mr. Aerin dragged him to the pediatrician anyway.  Said the doctor: "Fastest positive I've ever seen."  In other words, the Bear has had strep for at least a month.  His heart is okay, thank goodness, but not only do I feel like crap, I feel like a crappy mom.

Mommies don't get a break (even when their spouses think they're giving the sick wifeys a break, they're still letting dishes pile up and kids jump into bed with the sleeping sicky).  Still, I think the worst part of being sick is that my brain gets fuzzy.  I can't read because reading gives me a headache; I can't write because the muse tends to get her uber-bitch on.

So.  I'm trying to catch up, which means pointing out to you some places and people I think you might like.  Or, as bethie (I nicknamed her bethie, poor thing) would say, linkspam!

  • Inkygirl, aka Debbie Ridpath Ohi, has been running a fantastic series of posts about authors and their histories with rejection.  Dr. Seuss was rejected 27 times before his first book was picked up; John Grisham was rejected 28 times before selling his first novel; Louis L'amour received over 200 rejections before his first sale.

Finally (and I have said this before) if you have not made the acquaintance of Loren and b., you really must do so.  These guys are hilarious, intelligent, insightful, talented, and sort of frighteningly complementary to one another.    They're like the little brothers I never had - wait, I do have little brothers - okay, they're the brothers I never had that it was okay for me to crush on.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! And you aren't a lousy mommy for not noticing a symptomlss kid was sick! It's just one of those things. (Of course, being a good mommy you'll be kicking yourself with guilt for about forever over it. Just don't let the kid know or he'll try and milk that guilt for all it's worth!)

  2. Hope that you and all the family are starting to feel a bit better now. *hugs*

  3. Hey thanks, QA. We also try to be complimentary.

    Sorry to hear about the Strepedemic ravaging your household. Growing up in a family of six, we had our share of passing the bug. I always hated that freaking gag test they shove down your throat. Or maybe I was just an obnoxious kid and the nurses were getting back at me.

    Hope everything gets better! And there's no fault or shame in not diagnosing asymptomatic illness. It's not like you're Gregory House.

  4. Wait, I'm Co-Dictator of the Universe now? Promotion! Awesome!

    Do feel better soon. I've had more than enough bouts with it myself.

  5. "the brothers I never had that it was okay for me to crush on"

    I'll just whistle, look the other way and pretend that I just didn't read that. :P :P

  6. Thanks for the links. I hope you feel better soon :)



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