Saturday, May 16, 2009

Write Your @$$ Off Day

Thanks to Moonrat for the heads-up!

Today is Write Your A** Off Day. Check out JES's post here for more information. The point is to commit just one day--7.5 hours, from 10 to 6 with a break for lunch--to your OWN writing. You don't have to finish a novel or commit a whole month (like NaNoWriMo), just one day, to whatever you want. Maybe to give you the kick-start on that project you've been meaning to get going.

I'm going to give this a whirl, despite having kidling duties, etc.  See you all this evening!


  1. Very cool to have you sign up -- let us know how it went!

  2. Good luck to you! Over here today is clean butt off and I'm failing. =) Have fun!

  3. Wow! I didn't realize it was Saturday, but I worked for eight hours and finished my rewrites!



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