Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hey y'all - the Pirate Queen is back, except that I had no idea!  Yikes.  I HATE when I act in ignorance and even more so when I err in ignorance.


Several of you will receive the following email, I'm sure:

on this site of your blog www. xxx.html
> and on others you show my artwork "Tattoo" (mis)used as a kind of logo
> for a "Writers Challenge". My copyright signature was cut and I didn't
> get any kind of credit (or royalty). That is copyright infringement!

> All my works are copyrighted. They may not be copied, printed, saved to
> disc, altered, reproduced or otherwise distributed (e.g. shown at other
> homepages, forums or blogs or send as greeting cards, etc.) without my
> permission.
> For that reason I strongly advice you to delete it immediately.
> Otherwise you will be charged for damages.
> Regards, Karin Kuhlmann
> P:S: You will find the origial here:

Here is the response I made:

Dear Ms. Kuhlman,

At least two of the participants in a writing challenge that I am hosting forwarded to me an email you wrote concerning a piece of your artwork entitled "Tattoo."

I would have hoped that you'd notice my URL on the sign and contacted me directly.  These folks were merely copying a button that I made.

Having said that, I found your piece, unattributed and without a signature, via a Google search, as I do most of the art that I use.  I had no idea that it had been lifted from your site, and certainly no idea it had been done without your permission.  We will pull it immediately, and I am profusely sorry.

You may want to reconsider posting your pieces online, or perhaps password protecting them; I can only guess how common it is for internet copyright infringement to occur - it seems now I have been inadvertently guilty of it.  My apologies.


So, bottom line - everyone remove your logos RIGHT NOW and I'll have another made by the weekend.  And this time I'm using my own, finger-painted art to which I grant myself permission of use.


  1. Sigh. I discovered I had the offending graphic up on my original post, so I just removed it and put up something of my own making.

    I hate cease and desist letters. They tend to be so combative and unfriendly when most people are more than happy to do the right thing if only they are asked politely.

  2. I'm not the worlds greatest artist, but I do have some talent; if you would like me to make you something, just ask. (And gimme an idea of what you'd like. :) )

  3. Ha! I wrote an email to Mr. Kuhlman! I have no idea the gender of Karin. Although, I guess the name does look a lot like Karen. Oh well.

  4. Removed the graphic from my post too.

    I'd rather put up a pic of Barbara Eden there. At least it'll make my blog more magical and attractive. :D



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