Saturday, May 16, 2009

Maybe Another Day

I'm declaring #@$$-fail.  Yes, my ass is still attached.

I had a whole blather written about why this wasn't a good day, but really, isn't that what I do every time I don't get any writing done?  I did do a solid hour and a half of research, which was helpful, and I acquainted myself with Scrivener (which I haven't purchased yet, am still on trial.)

I still appreciate the day, however.  I got motivated simply reading JES's post; I'll be revisiting often.


  1. assfail. teehee.

    i'll admit, i set aside my whole day... and didn't really accomplish what i meant to, which seemed like a relatively mangageable task. in fact, i could only make myself sit still for about 4 hours, not 7.5.

    but there's hope for us.

  2. Would you find it rude and try to kill me, if I said I was kinda expecting this from you? :D :D :D :D

    At least you tried. That Counts!

  3. Heh, I was all written out after this week, but thought it was a great idea. Kidlings make it awfully hard, though.

  4. I have just downloaded Scrivener and am working my way through the tutorial. Needless to say this is taking way too long and I may just resort to getting my Hubby to do it and then show me which buttons to push. Am I the only one who finds reading manuals REALLY difficult? So far, though, I'm really impressed with it as a tool. I spent a LOT of time last month writing a plot map for my WIP only to find it impossible to use because I have to flip between two word documents and scroll through great swathes of text. Having the synopsis index cards right there as I'm writing will be FANTASMAGORICAL! Also I hav a whole pile of review documents to write for the little boy I do special needs work with. Being able to refer to all previous documentation will make this job sooo much easier.

    What I'm trying to say is THANK YOU for bringing Scrivener into my life. And I like our ass just the way it is.

  5. "My ass is still attached": ha! I'm no artist, but if I were designing a blog badge for WYAO Day, I think the counterpart for "Leave Your A** On Day" would be a lot more fun. :)

    I did sort of like the WYAO idea, obviously, and was gratified at the response it got (and grateful to the New York Writers Coalition for inventing it in the first place, on a local scale). But I do hate the idea that people might be beating themselves up over "missing" THE day... because I think you can pretty much arbitrarily pound a stick into any day on the calendar and declare it YOUR day.

    And y'know, really? By the time your subconscious is done connecting all the dots and veering off in new branches, that hour and a half's research will have laid the groundwork for lots of WYAO Days.

    So good on you for doing that, and on even considering a WYAO Day in the first place. (Just keep an eye on that subconscious, eh? ;)

  6. I know something that will get those creative juices flowing...Please stop by for Sx3 today...we've got quite a Fish Tale goin' on!

  7. You guys are actually all so very good. I've just given up totally for the moment, so feel free to come and join me - I'm not even feeling guilty anymore.
    And don't worry, the words will return - they always do - kinda like bad pennies! ;-)

  8. I jumped in the pool and didn't get eaten by sharks. But I did get to finish revision #973 and that was great. 1 more to go before I'm considering submitting this puppy.

  9. for the $$$, you can't beat scrivener... as long as you're a mac-er... pity those who are not! ;) lol

    da wuffster

    [what's going on here, i'm not allowed to post as laughingwolf?]

  10. never mind... google had booted me out! GRRRRRRR

  11. heh, you saw what happened to me!

    still, it was fun to try!



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