Monday, May 25, 2009

How Well Do You Know Me answer key

1) What country would I like to live in?
a) the United States
b) Australia
c) Belize
d) New Zealand
e) Ireland

2) Who would I most like to meet?
a) Tamora Pierce
b) Stuart Neville
c) Brendan Fraser
d) Pete Dudley
e) Little Miss Zarin

3) I secretly would like to be ________ for a day?
a) a movie director
b) a professor
c) single
d) a librarian
e) multi-lingual

4) What is my favorite store to shop at?
a) Hallmark
b) Target
c) Papyrus
d) Old Navy
e) Nordstrom

5) If I was running out of my burning house, what item would I grab?
a) my signed copy of Robin McKinley's BEAUTY
b) my baby book
c) my cell phone
d) my laptop
e) the box in which I keep my children's artwork

6) What do I like most about myself?
a) my sense of humor
b) my intelligence
c) my faith
d) my hair
e) my parenting style

7) What is my middle name?
a) Rose
b) Michelle
c) Ditzler
d) a, b & c
e) a & c

8) What would be the perfect present for me?
a) a Barnes and Noble gift card
b) jewelry from Sundance Catalog
c) an ARC of Kristin Cashore's FIRE
d) time away to write
e) an iMac

9) Which of the following is not one of my nicknames?
a) Sunny
b) RoseyPosey
c) Charlie
d) Queen Aerin
e) Addy

10) What would I dress as for Halloween?
a) trick question - I don't like Halloween
b) Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty
c) Wendy from Peter Pan
d) Belle from Beauty and the Beast
e) Elphaba from Wicked

11) What is the number of schools I attended from Kindergarten thru Sr. Year?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
e) 7

12) What is my favorite movie?
a) Willow
b) Batman Begins
c) Aeon Flux
d) Sliding Doors
e) Mulan

13) What did I want to be when I was little?
a) a lawyer
b) a microbiologist
c) an actress
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

14) Which of these people have I not had a crush on?
a) Enrique Murciano
b) Cindy Pon
c) Brendan Fraser
d) Neil Gaiman
e) Craig Parker

15) What's my current favorite show on TV?
a) Bones
b) Fringe
c) Legend of the Seeker
d) House
e) Criminal Minds

16) Who is my favorite Disney character?
a) Mickey
b) Lilo
c) Mulan
d) Belle
e) Gurgi

17) What am I most scared of?
a) aging
b) snakes
c) spiders
d) yellow jackets
e) small spaces

18) What city was I born in?
a) Champaign, IL
b) Urbana, IL
c) Savoy, IL
d) Smyrna, TN
e) Murfreesboro, TN

19) What is my favorite wild animal?
a) chinchilla
b) giraffe
c) elephant
d) leopard
e) spider monkey

20) My favorite specialty drink is ________.
a) Pepsi
b) a chocolate martini
c) water
d) Starbucks sweet iced tea lemonade
e) Riesling

How'd you do?


  1. Gasp! You do not have a crush on Neil Gaiman?!! Seriously? I thought everyone has a crush on Neil Gaiman!

  2. Don't let me wife here you say you don't like Halloween. It's her favorite event.

  3. Awww come on!!!

    I wont play with you anymore!

    You would grab your laptop over the box in which I keep my children's artwork????

    You're mean! I wish they never read this. :D :D :D

    For that answer shouldn't Q.6 be "What do I miss most about myself?"

    I call you Queen Aerin all the time!!! (Okay, may be not aloud. :P)

    and Aeon Flux?? Of all the movies.

    Not Shawshank Redemption. Not Godfather. Not Matrix. Not E.T. Not Star Wars. Nothing in the IMDB top 250 list. Aeon Flux??

    Come On!!!

  4. I refuse to accept these answers.

    I'll just pretend I didn't read them!



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