Monday, May 18, 2009

Amusing Mondays: 7SS: Mr. Aerin

On December 24, 1997, I made a certain man the Happiest Man Alive by marrying him. Since then, Mr. Aerin and I have lived in three different states, four different cities and five different houses.  We've battled floods, hurricanes,  family get-togethers, mental illness, physical illness, home remodeling, and raising children.  Mr. Aerin is a musician at heart and a therapist by trade.  We are very different people - he's not a reader and I couldn't tell you the difference between Rob Thomas and Rob Zombie (okay, yes I could, but still.)  He's a feeler and I'm a thinker.  He does the laundry and I....don't.  He's the last of our household to get strep, and yet he filled out my questionnaire.  Give the man a beer already!

Step #1

  • celebrity crush:  Anne Hathaway
  • favorite place to live:  San Diego California
  • secret ambition:  Write a Number One Hit Single
  • favorite musician of all time:  Harry Connick Jr
  • pick-up line used most in the 90s:  Didn’t use lines---Would say “Hey/Hi/Hello there”

Step #2
TELL US about any of your weird habits or idiosyncracies

I put papers in piles.  Sometimes the piles are organized, sometimes not, but somehow I feel better knowing they are in PILES.

Step #3
TEACH US one or two of your favorite vocabulary words.

co-morbid:  two diagnoses at once.  If you have diabetes and depression these conditions are “co-morbid.”

Dialectical dilemma:  Seeing both opposite sides of an argument and finding a way to synthesize them.  Black on one side, White on the other side, Gray in the middle.

Step #4

  • The last book I finished reading was The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama.
  • I gave it 4 stars.
  • One word to describe it is Motivational.
Step #5
QUESTION: What do you miss most about the 80s?

Being a teenager and having fun with friends (also playing guitar/keys in 80s Rock or New Wave bands)

Step #6
QUESTION: What is the very best thing about being married to Aerin, you lucky lucky man?

(note from Aerin: normally I don't believe in censoring, but the first part of Mr. Aerin's answer was a little TMI). . .her long blonde hair is SUPER hot, but when it gets down to it---we are really good ‘partners’ She’s got my back---I’ve got hers, we work things out, make major decisions, negotiate parenting etc fairly well.  And there is something nice about seeing her smile and holding her close at the end of a long day…

Step #7
GIVE US THE SCOOP.  Tell us something about yourself that’s exclusive to In Search of Giants (ie, has never been publicized in print or podcast interviews.)

I am giving a presentation as a Public Speaker Educating social workers, law enforcement, nurses, foster parents and others as a part of an “In House Event” at a community college in Saratoga California.

Thanks, honey.  Don't forget to take out the trash.


  1. If Mr. Aerin is as hot as he is cool you are one lucky woman!

  2. How sweet! I love that your husband is the one you had to censor. :P

  3. I've been married two months longer than you guys and I'm proud to say we have as great as a relationship as y'all seem to. My wife is also a huge Connick fan.

  4. Goodness, the first few years of your marriage sound about as action-packed as my wife's and mine.

  5. Well I can see, why you married him. :D :D

    He sure seems like a great guy.

    But for once am on your side. Despite all the laundry doing and trash taking, he sure is on lucky guy. :-)

  6. TMI! Love it!

    He does the laundry! *sigh*

  7. Aerin, Aerin, where's the wordage?! You've got that lovely table, but it's so empty... Drop down another level!

  8. Love Phil! My dad is a big paper piler too. My sister and I used to get into big time trouble when we messed with those stacks!

  9. This is great! What a journey you have shared! And I can say that I knew you when...xoxo

  10. Much better. Pop up to Low Threat. Keep writing and you may make it to the Happy Koala badge next week!

  11. Nice to meet you Mr. Aerin.



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