Friday, May 15, 2009

7SS: Whitney Jean Winsor

There are not words to describe the special place that Whitney holds in my heart.  She was a member of my youth group when I worked in Laguna Beach.  There's really only about nine years' difference between us, so she's too old to be like a daughter, too young to be my "buddy," but she balances a lovely spot in between.  Whitney challenged me, she trusted me, she opened her inner self - thoughts, emotions, dreams -  to me, and I will forever be a better person because of it.

Step #1

  • Paris or Bordeaux? Did you know these were my favorite French cities??! I'm gonna have to go with Bordeaux. I didn't have enough time to figure out the big deal about Paris but I'm sure it could happen!
  • martini or margarita? Martini!
  • Harry Potter or Twilight? Twilight (only because Edward is way hunkier than Harry...)
  • ice cream or coffee? Both, but never together!
  • surf or ski? I can't say I really do either... 
  • Shakespeare or Faulkner? I think they are both dated. I'm so not going to fly on your blog about writing, am I? I probably just kissed my fate and will rot in literary hell...
  • Bend or Niguel? Bend. Wow, I am so mature for just admitting I relate more to Oregon than California!

Step #2
DESCRIBE a favorite scene or event from your childhood memory.

Going to the Dana Point Harbor and getting ice cream. I kid you not, almost all of my favorite childhood memories involve me eating candy or sweets.

Step #3
TEACH US one or two of your favorite 4-star vocabulary words.

Like a swear word? It's totally s**t. It gets the point across, it isn't THAT offensive (or at least it shouldn't be...we all do it!), and you still have the freedom to express it creatively!

Step #4
  • The last book I finished reading was Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.
  • I gave it 5 gold stars.
  • One word to describe it is hysterical.
Step #5
QUESTION: What's the toughest part about being a college student (near college-graduate) these days?

Psh, I'm broke, unemployed, without health insurance in less than a few months (around the time I'll conveniently fall deathly ill)...and I have NO idea what I'm doing in life or where I should even begin. Oh yeah, we are in a recession! This makes all of those things I mentioned before a much bigger deal.

Step #6
QUESTION: In your opinion, what's the greatest challenge facing the USA at this time in its history?

Not being hated by everyone else in the world, and I don't know about you but I'm a little freaked out about this swine fever... How about I just sum it all up by saying the pitfalls of globalization coming back to bit us in the ass?

Step #7
GIVE US THE SCOOP. Tell us something about yourself that’s exclusive to In Search of Giants (ie, has never been publicized in print or podcast interviews.)

I was SUCH a jerk to my little sister growing up. Aerin you said I would regret that were right!

Um, huh, what?  I'm still stuck on hearing someone say I was right....Thanks, Whitney, for letting me interview you!


  1. Now That's an honest 4-star word. :D :D

    And loved the "rot in literary hell" part.

    One of the best 7SS so far... Jean is awesome.

    Come on, she deserved a star in between there somewhere. :D

  2. I love the four star word.

    That was a great interview with Jean. She sounds awesome.

  3. neat young lady, that whitney jean :)

  4. Aerin- THIS MADE MY DAY!! Love you! (And those sweet things you said in the beginning just about made my life!)

  5. Aerin and Whitney-

    I like this a lot! Congrats Whitney on being done/almost done with senior year!! and about the last one, I know at least when I was over when Carlee and I were little you should have been way meaner to both of us than you were, and I know if my little sister and some of her friends had behaved the way Carlee and I did, I would have been very upset. Actually my mom always told me to act like you when I was being a big sister.

  6. Great interview! Thanks for the laughs!



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