Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Types of Poetry

This is the list from which I'm working on my April Poetry challenge-to-myself. I'll include descriptions of each type when I post my pathetic attempts.

bullet   Acrostic
  bullet   Ballad   bullet   Cinquain   bullet   Clerihew
  bullet   Diamante   bullet   Didactic   bullet   Epic   bullet   Epigram
  bullet   Epitaph   bullet   Etheree   bullet   Fable   bullet   Free Verse
  bullet   Ghazal   bullet   Haiku   bullet   Kyrielle   bullet   Kyrielle Sonnet
  bullet   Lanturne   bullet   Limerick   bullet   Minute Poetry   bullet   Mirrored Refrain
  bullet   Monody   bullet   Monorhyme   bullet   Naani   bullet   Nonet
  bullet   Ode   bullet   Ottava Rima   bullet   Palindrome   bullet   Pantoum
  bullet   Quatern   bullet   Quatrain   bullet   Quinzaine   bullet   Rispetto
  bullet   Rondeau   bullet   Rondel   bullet   Rondelet   bullet   Sedoka
  bullet   Senryu   bullet   Septolet   bullet   Sestina   bullet   Shape Poetry
  bullet   Song   bullet   Sonnet   bullet   Tanka   bullet   Terza Rima
  bullet   Terzanelle   bullet   Tetractys   bullet   Tongue...   bullet   Triolet
  bullet   Tyburn   bullet   Villanelle


  1. I love this! It's a wonderful challenge.

  2. I am in awe of your personal challenge! Although, I must say, I had to look more closely at that icon next to each type of poetry. At first I thought it was a pile of doo-doo. Freudian slip, or do I need to wear my glasses? lol! Your poetry is good!

  3. Wow...I hadn't realized there were so many different types of poetry. Good for challenging yourself to explore each one!

  4. I love this one! It's a wonderful.



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