Monday, April 13, 2009

Tweaking & Giveaways

I'm stealing a couple of things from Cecilia, at the epic rat.

First: In her book reviews, Cecilia leads with the opening sentence.  I'm never certain what parts of books to quote, so this is a good starting place for me.  It's also a good exercise for my writing buddies.

Second: I'm doing away with my own giveaways* except for Monthly GRaB (the technicalities of which we're still working out - my own rules will be slightly different than C's.)

* - so far I've only ever received one set of giveaways from a publisher but I will certainly continue to solicit such giveaways and present them to you regardless of GRaB.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, A! It's amazing how different each story begins - I've encountered some very "boring" first lines every once in a while.

    Oooh, separate blog for GRaB - interesting! Can't wait to see the buttons!



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