Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, I have a troll issue.

Many people have recommended I ignore the commenters. Actually, I am grateful for the facts they pointed out - that I may have been treading on delicate copyright territory. (I did recognize every article by link and author, but I also copied the entire post. Berate me if you will.) Don't let anyone say I don't learn from my mistakes, or admit when I'm wrong. I have issued a public apology.

However, the judgmental tone used in the comments made me inexplicably sad. How lowly this poor woman must feel about herself to say to a total stranger "For Shame." I'm sure in some way she feels personally wronged, but I'm not certain how. The fact that she must take out her frustration with the universe on me can't bode well for her karma, I wouldn't think. Then again, perhaps she is being hurt in a way no one else can see, and truly deserves our pity.

I hope that you will join with me in taking a moment to send positive energy out into the world. Our response to such acts is often defensive, and to wish for retaliation. However, the world will not be made better by vindictiveness, only by forgiveness. In long run, we will be remembered for our compassion. It is love which will fix the world, not hate. And it must start with each person loving him or herself.

(By the way, if anyone is interested in the Random Complexity Writing Challenge, it's featured at this site. The blog is really just a placeholder.)


  1. I am proud of your integrity and character. It's so easy to respond from a position of anger when trolls pop up in your territory. (Whack-A-Mole?)I'm sorry to lose the resources that you had posted.

  2. Nicely handle Aerin. Sorry to hear that this happened to you. I'm not sure I could say I'd handle it as nicely as you did.

  3. sorry about your troll probs, aerin :(

    my own id was highjacked ob blogger, and google refuses to even acknowledge my compalaint

    had not a friend in calfornia told me my company was sending bot spam to her site [i have neither a company nor bots], i would not have known... we are back being friends

    i told my isp of the problems, they are looking into it, and her trolls have stopped, for now

    seems we're not the only site with troll, and worse, problems GRRRRRRR

    as for the challenge, i should tally my word count, even being ahead of the curve ;)

  4. An overreaction on your troll’s part, in my humble opinion. You always linked to the original sources and were willing to take them down if anyone complained. And very few blogs are income-producing, so it isn’t as if you’re picking anyone’s pocket. If you every want anything from I Saw Lightning Fall, feel free to appropriate -- no advanced notice needed. I’m just glad anyone’s reading!

  5. Er, that should read "ever want" up above. Curses.

  6. Giants can very easily step on trolls :)

  7. Nicely done. The most significant sermon I've ever listened to was about loving your enemy. I agree - love is the answer, not hate.

  8. Hope it's all settling down now and you are starting to feel better.

  9. Kudos to you, Aerin, for how you've handled this. Well done. And well done to you too for the role you play in the blogosphere and in bringing together and encouraging writers.

  10. I'm not sure what happened, but it sounds like you're handling it well.

  11. Aerin,

    I sent you an email, which I well understand you might not have time to answer! However, if it went to spam....

    Julia (WILLOW) H

  12. No fun to have to deal with something like this.

    Come by and check out the award you have been given. :)

  13. Man, some people take stuff WAY too seriously. I'm sorry you had to deal with that crap when you were clearly just trying to do a good thing.

  14. I know it does sting abit, but I hope it's settling down now.

    I admire you for having such an open heart to forgive and learn.

  15. I love your outlook on this.

    I recently had a conversation with my dad about the different ways our temper controls us. He lashes out the second he is wronged, and doesn't stop until he feels better, usually a couple days later. I wait until the anger has passed to respond. The difference? I never regret my reactions and he often has to apologize.

    It feels good to take the higher road, doesn't it? :)



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