Sunday, April 26, 2009

Introducing the 7-Step Scoop

It seems I'm branching out from just book reviews to actual author interviews.  In considering this process, I've read interviews all over the web, considering the kinds of information that's asked and presented.  In coming up with the 7-Step Scoop, I knew I wanted:
  1. to have really interesting information that readers would not only read, but could look forward to;
  2. to keep the interview process short enough that even busy authors could participate; and
  3. to have similar questions so that interviews could be compared.
The entire month of May will be devoted to interviews, with a special early kick-off on Tuesday because I have my first author interview with the fabulous Karen White.

Here are some of the authors whom you'll see in the coming weeks:

Sandra Cormier (The Space Between, Bad Ice, The Toast Bitches)
Cara Muhlhahn (Labor of Love)
Stuart Neville (The Twelve)
Cindy Pon (Silver Phoenix)
Jaye Wells (Red Headed Stepchild)
Karen White (The Lost Hours)

Also, there are these featured writers & bloggers:

Michelle Hickman ("The Surly Writer")
Ellen Oh ("Hello Ello")
Kiersten White Brazier ("Kiersten Writes")
Whirlochre ("Abyss Winks Back")

And, finally, a whole parcel of fantastic and somewhat delusional people (arguably less so than the above-named, of course) who agreed to help me perfect this process.  Meet a lawyer from San Diego, a think tank guru from North Carolina, a speech pathologist from Maine and many more.

To really celebrate, I'll be holding giveaways for each of the published author's books, plus a choose-your-own-prize for the Monthly GRAB.   Please help spread the word!


  1. Oh, excellent! This sounds wonderful!

  2. MonthyGrab sounds like a great idea! I only recently started reading Ellen Oh's blog. Good luck with everything.

  3. Well, I'm ready (and delusional) for this. I think...

  4. This is a wonderful idea! Over here from Michelle's place to give her a whoohoo! I'll be back to read....

    (and I live in NC - so 'wave' to the nc'er)



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