Tuesday, April 28, 2009



I "met" Cindy via Precie and Ello, right when she'd signed her contract with Greenwillow Books.  Quickly she (Cindy) became my online crush, since she's witty, beautiful, and loves yummy desserts.  And today, her debut novel Silver Phoenix hits bookstores everywhere!!

You can find early reviews of Silver Phoenix on Goodreads, at Steph Su Reads, the YaYaYas, Presenting Lenore, and Reviewer X,

or you can watch the trailer (below),

or you can just go out and buy the thing already, why dontcha!?!

Of course, the really big news is that Ello's hosting a contest for autographed copies of Silver Phoenix (plus other fun goodies.) You can find all the information over at Ello's very cool blog.  (And mention that I sent you, or I will hurl a wet hamster at you.)


  1. <3 aerin you are the best!
    could you linky my launch day contest too.
    and i throw raffles your way, i do!



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