Monday, April 6, 2009

Amusing Monday: My Online Crushes

Remember in elementary school, the know-it-all smartypants kid, the one who was always called on when nobody else knew the answer?  Well, in my school, I was that kid.  We were poor, so I never had the cool stuff, I never knew what the "in" thing was, and I loved learning.  From 6th grade through 12th grade, I attended five different schools.  I didn't really have a chance to rediscover myself, so that slightly outcast girl grew into an unbelievably naive teenager.  (Really.  I to this day have difficulty believing teenagers have sex.  Or drink.)

The point of this trip down memory lane is that I didn't have the chance as a teenager to express those overpowering hormonal crushes.  The one time I did date a guy, I kissed him on the first date, and he forever thought of me as a "loose woman."  Honestly, I didn't know any better.  The whole 1st-base, 2nd-base, 3rd-base thing?  I didn't know what it meant until I was married.

Seriously, folks.  I had a unique upbringing.  Not all bad, but certainly different from most people.  I graduated high school when I was 16 and then graduated college at 19, when I headed off to seminary.  So by 20 or 21, when I finally started getting the idea to "experiment" a little, I was in an environment where we were learning to be holy examples of pious living (or something.)

So, now, to relive the fun of those early adolescent crushes, the pure adrenaline surge gotten from just thinking about someone, I have all kinds of online crushes.  The way I know something is a crush and not just an interest is that I have to do at least two Google searches for the person beyond how I know them (ie, MOO, chatroom, blogging.)  Once I've done that, I realize, I'm hooked.  Until the next one comes along.

These crushes are not sexual (except for Janey); often, they're not even romantic (well, ignore the kissy lips on Brendan Fraser....).  They are flirtatious and fun.  And mostly short-lived, but a few have become part of my life in a tangible, wonderful way. 

online crushes who've gone the distance




  1. Hah - I still have an online crush on Vincent D'onofrio. Have had for years.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Glad to know I'm not the only one with little crushes. :)

    btw, WHO'S Enrique? *purrs*

  3. Crushes are fun! Thanks for sharing yours.

    And we were the outcasts who banded together to form our own gang. We did gang things. Ya know - like sleepovers and such. And talked about our crushes - like the Bay City Rollers. The principal of my school was very glad I befriended his outcast daughter. I could've done without his attention to it.

  4. lolz.. this was a great post Aerin.

    Am sure Janey would be verrry excited after reading this. ;-) ;-)

  5. Reading that made my day! I can't stop giggling.

    I thought you handled yourself just fine in high-school, by the way. The boyfriend I remember you having probably wouldn't use "loose" in the first thousand words he'd use to describe you, (but I'd have to ask to be sure). We had a good group of outcasts going there, at least for a little while, and I'm sure I heard a few people answering questions in class (although you were pretty frequently one of them).

    Ah, mem'ries.

  6. A kiss? You loose woman, you! LOL!

    I must be a slut, because I thought a kiss on the first date was perfectly chaste, LOL!

  7. Those are some seriously talented crushees.

  8. The feeling's mutual my gorgeous crush! This is brill. The first proper kiss I had made me sick to my stomach for 2 days. It wasn't a bad kiss or anything - I was just overwhelmed by the experience.

    So who's that dark, handsome thing underneath me? I always like to know the names of the guy I'm on top of don'tcha know.

  9. Vincent D'onofrio is fine! My childhood was a little like yours: head in books, not knowing what was going on in the real world. I had friends who told me bit by bit.

  10. I see Danny Taylor from Without a Trace and Det. Goren from L&O: Criminal Intent. Woohoo for crushes on television characters! I must admit that I had a crush on Sam(antha) Spade from Without a Trace. Then there was that whole thing with Old Blinky Face (Jack Malone) and I lost interest. Oh well.

  11. lol... i was pretty much the same way, aerin

    as for virtual crushes, i went for the brainy kind, like... sigourney weaver, in the aliens flix, or writers like marion zimmer bradley ;)



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