Sunday, March 29, 2009

Writing Round-Up

Writers and RCWCers take note:

Theresa's given warning about April's Pitching Clinc. It sounds as though it will be amazingly helpful and thorough.

Alex Moore is part of a brand-new, group-run creative writing site called Adventures in Writing.

Another fun, not quite as new writing resource is Yeah, Write. Also check out Cynthia Lin's Writing for Children and Teens. Or Authoress, Miss Snark's First Victim.

And Poetry Month is just around the corner!


  1. Thanks for the info - and no sidebars but the Follow Me and Blog Archive ones are at the bottom.

  2. I see the tabbed sidebar - but your page is slow to load.

  3. Aerin, I just discovered a couple posts on RCWC from some guy who runs a blog called I Saw Lightning Fall. I'm hugely honored. Thanks so much.



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