Monday, March 2, 2009

Why, Yes, I Am, Thanks.

Both Steph at Steph Su Reads and Taylor at For the Love of Books nominated me for this award.  I think it's awfully nice of them since mostly I've just acted like a stalker.  Which I'm not.  Mostly.

List five things you are obsessed with/addicted to and then nominate five other fabulous blogs to pass on this award on to!

1. Spelling and Grammar

2. The TV drama Criminal Minds

3. YA Heroine Fantasy

4. Liberal Theology

5. homemade chocolate martinis

Passing It On: 
So, I wanted to pass this on to a couple of guy-blogs, but I wasn't sure the graphic was the best for demonstrating masculinity fabulosity, so I created this:


Obviously, use whichever button you want. 
Also, do NOT feel you must participate in this meme.  
I just wanted you to know I thought you were FABulous!

1. LaughingWolf  at Paws and Reflect - for total blogging stamina, even with convalescent eyes.  And because he's a RCWC participant.

2. Loren Eaton at I Saw Lightning Fall - this blog's heading is artistically fantastic, and Loren's a great writer.

3. Elizabeth at As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves - E is a kindred spirit of mine, with a gorgeous, gorgeous crimson patterened 3-column Blogger layout

4. West of Mars - Win a Book, Meet & Greet, etc - The brain child of Susan Helene Gottfried, the blog site is gorgeous, and has a new header under construction!!

5. Sharon Anne at Sharon Loves Books and Cats - I think she's already gotten this award, but I had to give snaps to her new template


  1. LOL your post made me laugh. And wow, I LOVE the new image you made. Although it would be kind of funny if the male bloggers put the first image on their blogs anyway...

  2. Oooh, darling! just fabulous!

  3. But The Koala is watching your word totals for March veeery closely...

  4. Love Criminal Minds! Congrats on your award!

  5. Well that hunk on the stairway to the moon woke me up. I really like that image.

    I see that pesky Koala is after you too...we need to formulate a defense plan or y'know, write something.

  6. grats on the award, aerin!

    and wowsers... thx so much for mine!

    having some trouble seeing today, but was able to make out the words by keeping one eye closed :)

    i'll post it after i put new eyedrops in, and hopefully clear up my vision :D

  7. Awwww, you're too kind! Thanks so much, Aerin. This gave me a little boost -- and I needed it today.

  8. I love how you manned up the award!

  9. Ah, I love your new award graphic so much!



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