Wednesday, March 18, 2009

River Secrets by Shannon Hale

River Secrets (The Books of Bayern #3) River Secrets 
by Shannon Hale

September 5th 2006 by Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Hardcover, 304 pages
1582349010 (isbn13: 9781582349015)

rating: 4 of 5 stars
from the publisher:

Razo has never been anything but ordinary. He’s not very fast, or tall, or strong, so when he’s invited to join an elite mission escorting the ambassador into Tira, Bayern’s great enemy, he’s sure it’s only out of pity. But when they arrive in the strange southern country, it is Razo who finds the first dead body. As they try to learn more from the Tirans about the ever increasing murders, Razo is the only Bayern soldier able to befriend both the high and low born, including the beautiful Lady Dasha. And as Razo finds allies among the Tirans, he realizes that it may be up to him to get the Bayern army safely home again.

River Secrets is the third of Shannon Hale's books about the mythical kingdom of Bayern.  It's also my favorite of the three.  Goose Girl was a little convoluted, Enna Burning was a little long.  River Secrets is a fantastic little read.  It's fast-paced, with a solid plot and characterization, uppity but sincere royalty, plus a romance or two. 

If you're not already a Shannon Hale fan, I'd recommend you put this on your reading list for summer - it would be perfect to read by the pool or on a plane.


  1. Every time I see this in a store, I pick it up to buy it but always talk myself out of it. I may actually have to buy it now...

    (And have you seen the new covers for these books? They're awesome!)

  2. The Goose Girl is my favourite, but River Secrets is a close second. Razo's my fave character.

  3. I have this one to read, it sounds really good. Thanks for the review!



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