Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NYCMM Short Story Results

In January, I took part in the NYC Midnight Madness Short Story Contest.  There were 30 heats, with 20 people in each.  Each heat was given a genre and subject and seven days to come up with a 2500 story.

I wrote The White House Wine Cellar.

The only writing competition I've entered since - well, since 5th grade - are flash fiction contests over at Clarity of Night.  After I submitted my piece, I started researching and reading short stories, immersing myself in the genre as best I could - too late, of course, but a good learning experience nonetheless.

I placed fifth in my heat!  I was anxious that I would place in the bottom fourth, which would be a sign to me that maybe I didn't really have any raw writing talent.  Obviously, I still need a lot of training and smoothing and practice, but I am so happy with this little bit of affirmation from the cosmos.

So rest assured, McK, I will be making my writing quotas from now on!  (Mostly.  Except for this week.  And maybe next.  And sometime in May.  And - oh, never mind.)


  1. That's awesome! Plus, I loved that story!!

  2. Congrats, Aerin! It's always validating when other people like your work, isn't it?

  3. I remember you entering that; congratulations!

    Now you have NO excuses. 100 words a day, my friend. At least!

  4. yay warm fuzzies from the cosmos!

    boo to judges who can't see that your brilliant star deserves to be #1, not #5!

  5. How wonderful is that? Good job!

    (I'm with you on those writing quotas)



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