Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready for Poetry Month

I'm not a huge poetry person.  I can appreciate poems, and I've memorized a few.  Overall, though, they are too overwhelming for me - too much in too little space.  Well, and I had a really terrible creative writing professor in college who turned me off poems in a big way.


For April, which is National Poetry Month, I decided to give poems another go.  (This has the added benefit of "justifying" my pathetic procrastinating on my WIP.)

Here are some ways you can join me:

POEM A DAY from will send a poem a day to your inbox.  They also have lots of other poetry related resources.  Especially fun are the Free Verse Project, the Poetry Read-a-Thon for classrooms, and the Poster Gallery.

Poetry Terms Hangman
Favorite Poem Project
Traci's List of Ten

I found a list of types of poems at Shadow  I will attempt, during April, to write a poem in each type.  I would love to have a cohesive theme, but I'm going to be lucky just to get them written.


  1. Despite the burden of a two-week family vacation to England and France, where I will be lucky enough to meet some of the most illustrious and talented blogging writers on the planet, I am going to try writing a poem a day for the month of April. Or at least 30 poems during the month. If I happen to to 15 on airplanes and 15 at other times, whatever.

    The same commitment last year led to the creation of the Unlucky 26. I doubt I'll find such rare inspiration this year, but it will be fun (and probably exhausting) trying.

  2. Oooh this is good of you. You want to put up some of the best poems that you read over the month of April? I haven't had much exposure to poetry either but I'd like to. But I get... impatient. Which doesn't make sense, considering how short they are. But you know. :)

  3. Here's a beautiful little one to start off with that's not too challenging -- Tennyson's "The Eagle."



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