Sunday, March 22, 2009

Children's Book Voice Thingy

Check out my March Voice Fun!!

This month's topic was to read aloud a children's book.  I'm still learning my way around video and podcast posting, so you will need to visit another site (but if you want to comment, you'll have to come back here.  I know.  I promise I will get it figured out.)

It's password protected, too.  The user name is march and the password is dinosaur.  Sorry, but my kidling's involved and I want to add some security measure.  You get the best resolution if you use the "small" size.

Anyway, I meant to do all kinds of fun titling and pop-ups but it's been a really long day. The sound quality's not the greatest, either. BUT it was fun, and the Bug enjoyed it, and there are goofy messages in the end credits. Enjoy!


  1. Nice job. My wife loves that book.

  2. I loved that reading. It was great seeing you reading to your daughter, who is very cute.

  3. Just dropping in to provide you with cheery feedback. I posted at Robin's, but she has no background cosmos.

    Son of Whirl used to call this "Bed Thing" — and still does, if he can be persuaded to snuggle up.



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