Saturday, February 28, 2009

Someone Tell Me About AdSense

A Good Idea?  A not good idea?

Are we talking $.05/month or $5/month or what?

Detracts your readers?

Readers, does it turn you off?

What do we think?


  1. I signed up in December to research it for an article a guy wants me to write. So far I've earned $65 bucks but Google does not pay until you hit $100.

    I've had no reader complaints as of yet.

  2. I ignore the ads on Travis's site. Doesn't bother me to see them there. I did wonder if it made any money and now I know.

    BT also has ads, but his are very limited and off to one side.

    I'm afraid to have ads on mine because they would probably be for things I don't believe in - like self-publishing con artists. Plus I don't think the accounting at tax time is worth the extra effort for me.

  3. Wow. I can tell it's morning and I'm not awake. I meant the trouble at tax time not being worth the money from the ads.

  4. As a reader, I generally don't like them. Of course, most of the ones I've run across are poorly integrated into the blogs' designs.

  5. I never read them. I certainly never click on them. As a rule as long as ads are benign and I don't end up with mail because of them they don't bother me. I wouldn't put them on my blog though because you don't have any control over content and I would hate for people to think they were somehow sanctioned by me.

  6. I never made any money using AdSense, so I removed them. I didn't like the ads, either--generic, scammy.

    I also usually ignore AdSense on other people's sites, because their sites generate the same kinds of ads.

  7. I have adsense but haven't made a lot of it. I don't promote them big time, which is why they sit at the bottom of my page (probably the reason I generate lower revenue).



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