Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Random Complexity Writing Challenge (RCWC) is still on, and February reports are coming due soon.  I already have Richard's (which inspired the idea that some month I will randomly reward the first person done with their quota.)

I haven't heard from everyone who initially signed up for RCWC.  I'll be doing a round of reminders, but after that, I don't have time to do individual visits.  Also, if by March I haven't received any updates (for any of 2009), I'll be removing your name from the contest.

Please make sure you somehow to subscribe to the RCWC blog so you don't miss updates.


  1. Weird. I'm getting updates for this blog and RCWC in my google reader. I'll keep commenting on the word count thread with updates.

  2. i'll give you my count asap, aerin :D

  3. dunno how to post in your calculator, but as of right now, my word count, including january, and the 1k bonus you gave me: 3393

    more by saturday, month end :D

  4. I emailed you mine, hope that is okay.

    Darn, if I'd know you'd be rewarding early birds, I would have reported sooner! LOL

    Please let me know which is easier, leaving my word count as a comment or directly emailing you.




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