Thursday, February 26, 2009

Notes from Around the Blogosphere

March 2-8 is Book Giveaway Carnival.  I'll be participating by giving away oodles of books.  Well, at least a single oodle of books.

Carrie's cats do not approve of my stalking her.  I did not win a copy of The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

Love it or Hate it?  The new Google Friends Connect app for followers makes me glad I mostly rely on my Google Reader and "Google Subscribe" button.  A million years from now, archaeologists are going to think Google and Facebook were our gods.

VERY exciting new Blog Tour, details totally and completely stolen from Jen:

I'm thrilled to announce an upcoming blog tour that I think is really going to make a difference: the Share a Story - Shape a Future Literacy Blog Tour. This literacy blog tour is the brainchild of Terry Doherty from The Reading Tub (my partner in the weekly Children's Literacy Roundups). It was assembled with remarkable speed and enthusiasm through the efforts of Terry, Sarah Mulhern, Susan Stephenson, Eva Mitnick, and Elizabeth O. Dulemba (links to their blogs below). The tremendous response to my blog post about encouraging read-aloud was a partial catalyst for the timing of the event, and we will be sharing some take-home suggestions gleaned from those responses.
Here is the detailed announcement and schedule that Terry posted on the Share a Story - Shape a Future blog (a blog that we hope you'll add to your reading list):
Within the kidlitosphere, the children's literature bloggers comprise and reach a very broad audience. One of the group's greatest assets is its collective, community-minded approach to sharing information and ideas. Through events like blog tours, authors and illustrators have had wonderful opportunities to share their story and their craft. Given the success of tours for "producers," what about an event for and by the people who create and engage their readers: teachers, librarians, parents, and people passionate about literacy?

Voila! Share a Story - Shape a Future is just that event. This is an ensemble effort not only to celebrate reading among those of us who already love books, but to encourage each other to reach beyond ourselves and do it in a way that we are neither judging nor instructing others. This is a venue for communicating practical, useable, everyday ideas.

The event begins March 9, 2009 and lasts one week. Each day we will have a group of bloggers sharing ideas around a specific theme. There are a number of book giveaways and free downloads that will be announced by the various hosts as we get closer to the kickoff. Here is the tour schedule,, but just to whet your appetite:

Day 1: Raising Readers
hosted by Terry Doherty at Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, the Reading Tub blog

  • Finding Time at Home - Tricia Stohr-Hunt @ The Miss Rumphius Effect

  • Making Time in the Classroom - Sarah Mulhern @ The Reading Zone

  • Helping a Reader in Need (remedial readers) - Sandra Stiles guest post on Scrub-a-Dub-Tub

  • It's Bigger than the Book: Building Strong Readers at any Age with a Daily Dose of Read Aloud - Cathy Miller interview on the Share a Story - Shape a Future blog

  • Keeping Gifted Readers Engaged - Donalyn Miller @ The Book Whisperer

  • Sue_steph1


    1. In a case like this, steal away, Aerin! Thanks for helping to promote the event!

    2. Yay for book giveaways! And blog tours! Exciting stuff is afoot!

    3. Sorry to hear you didn't win. I thought of you when I saw that giveaway. :)

    4. A million years from now, archaeologists are going to think Google and Facebook were our gods.

      They probably won't be that far off. Did you read Gaiman's American Gods?

    5. Loren - Um, I'm probably the only person on the face of the planet who doesn't care for Gaiman. *hangs head in shame* So, nope. Should I add it to my TBR list?

    6. I'm reading American Gods right now. I love the concept, but the story is much too slow for my taste. I've been reading it for a month now and I'm only halfway through :-( Gaiman's first novel, Neverwhere, was much better. That one belongs on your TBR list for sure, Aerin!

    7. I tried to Follow someone recently and got the whole Facebook crap. So I'm not going through that again. Does it do it for everyone? Even those of us who are not on Facebook? Might be stuck with my current crop of followers, but I don't really use that feature anyway. I have my blog list and it tells me who has updated recently. Having trouble keeping up with the pace of updates, but I keep plugging away at it.

      Will have to check into these giveaways. Sorry you didn't win! (And I haven't even read any Gaiman, so I'm probably further down the hole on that one)

    8. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




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