Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catching Up part 1

I am realizing I have loose ends from the past few months that I, without intentionally doing so, have never properly tied.  Here goes.

Bas Bleu Bountiful Basket of Books

Way, way, waaaayy back in October, I stumbled across Elizabeth's blog "As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves."  She was celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway from Bas Bleu booksellers.  Well, guess who won??

I know!  I'd love to say that I never posted about it because I was too mad at her for causing me a new addiction (hello? The Bas Bleu catalog itself is delightful!), but the truth is, we started into birthday month (November) and Christmas month and by January I'd forgotten I had never posted.

So, let me tell you what happened.  Elizabeth posted a book I had on auto-request at Paperback Swap (The Eyes of a King by Catherine Banner).  When she mailed me the book, she PMed me to say "hi."  How fun is it to be on the receiving end of good books from like-minded blogosphere buddies??

Anyway, I headed over to her blog, and it has a beautiful new (to me) red template, with swirls and curlicues - very fetching and elegant.  So, go over and tell her I sent you.

Critique Group Apologies

Several of you volunteered to read the short story I wrote for the NYC Midnight Madness competition, and I never took you up on your offer.  I truly, sincerely appreciate the sentiment, and I'm sorry I didn't send it to you.  I didn't have anything to email by Thursday night, and by Friday night I knew what I'd written was crap and I totally started from scratch.  I wrote frenetically for almost 24 hours, and submitted the story with minus two minutes to go.  (They told me I qualified anyway.)   I'm a chronic procrastinator and this is where it gets me.  If you still want to critique, hit me!


Mostly for Sharon, I wanted to share pictures of the new members of my household, Heidi and Lucy:

They're three-month-old sisters, and strays from the shelter, and very sweet and playful, and I had no idea kittens pooped as much as babies do.

Prizes and Awards

What this guy is doing giving out prizes, I don't know, but I won one of them!  Thanks, Trav!  (For those of you who don't already, go follow Travis on Twitter.  It's very fun to follow his trains of thought.  Well, fun, in a run-for-your-life they're-going-to-collide kind of way.)

My darling Absolute Vanilla has been helping a woman named Angela and could use our advocacy.  She's already drafted an email for you!   In that same post, she awarded me the Premio Luz En El Alma ("light in the soul award")

(I tried to research this award a little bit and didn't find much - I think it's a pretty self-explanatory award - but I did stumble upon this gorgeous website by UK blogger Tessa.)

I'm charged with "passing on" the award, so I will give it to those who have helped encourage the light in my soul to burn brightly, and fed the flames when they were waning:

Amy at Life at the Riverbank
Katie at Tater's Tots
Tess at Arch Words
Merry at Mom and More

All right, a few more items on the way in Catching Up part 2, plus three book reviews I've let lapse!!


  1. I always appreciate a good kitty picture or two. Congrats on the new members of your family!

  2. The kitties are cute! I'm glad you were able to submit a story in time.

  3. Oh my gosh! They are SO cute! SO CUTE! Kitties are like an addiction. I have four cats, but I really, really, really want another kitten! (Telling myself no, though!)

  4. Yessss, Robin McKinley = drug. It's unbelievable, how that woman's mind works. I'm also more partial to her YA books myself, but Sunshine is not that bad--I'm enjoying it a lot, though I think that due to its length, I find myself easily putting it down for shorter books to read sometimes. (Oops.)

    I'll definitely keep you in mind for being Featured. :) And could you explain a little more about swapping posts? I'd love to do some sort of YA blogger collaboration but have no idea what it would be about or how it should be done, haha

  5. Ah the little grey fluff-balls are adorable. Even I, a total dog person can see their cuteness. Mother Nature requires a balance in all things - this is why all small cute things poop so much. Of course you could slao say this is why she made small poopy things so cute. Whichever - it's all about the balance of the universe.

    Congrats on winning the books. I love catching up!

  6. Your kitties are adorable - man, I remember how much fun kittens are. A little bit of trouble, too, so good luck. =) Glad the books made it to your house!

  7. The kittens are too cute! Congrats on winning the books too.



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