Monday, January 19, 2009

Updated Crazyness

Sundance truly exceeded my expectations.  I had wonderful adventures, and thank you all for your kind wishes.

On my plate this week:
  1. The Inauguration (no, I'm not attending in person)
  2. Registering the kidlings for school
  3. Friday deadline for the Short Story Challenge 2009 
      • as well as, you know, actual job-work, housework, and solving global poverty
Results for the Clarity of Night "Ascension" contest will be posted tomorrow!!

I haven't forgotten that I need to do a bit to set up The Writer's Challenge.  Please grant me your patience a little while longer, and I will have all done soon.


  1. Today's an exciting day. I'm looking forward to The White House finally being Bush-less (and I'm not talking about shrubberies here - or being vulgar (for once)).

    I totally get the craziness bit. Having messed up my shoulder and neck which seriously curtailed my computer time last week, I have thrown my back out now making sitting up a pain in the ... back. I feel awful that I only managed to comment on about 60 of the CoN entries but I physically can't sit for that long. I think my body is trying to tell me to get a life!

  2. wb aerin... glad you had fun

    i have two 'minis' posted, as part of your challenge... if i keep up the pace, i'll meet your requirements by year end

  3. Aerin, I'm glad you had fun at Sundance! Your comment about my Hugo Cabret review was too kind!

  4. Stopped by to say hi and I hope you got everything accomplished this week. You have won an award too. Here's the link:



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