Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Smidges

My grandmother was known for her fantastic baking - pies, cookies, cakes.  She'd serve them right after dinner, which is when my grandfather ("Granpa Great," my kids call him) still likes to have dessert.  But without fail, when everyone was served, she'd sit at her place at the head of the table with only coffee.  When we asked if she was going to have some of the fabulous desserts, she'd say, "well, maybe just a smidge," and cut herself a thin slice of whatever.

So, here are a few of the smidges I've found around the blogosphere:

Despite the fact that Jason Evans announced his latest Clarity of Night contest 'Ascension' a week before its opening, I still do not have an entry.  I don't know if it's the fact that about 3 novels popped into my head over the holidays, or if I'm just too intimidated by Sarah's winning entry last time, or if I have just had too many chocolate martinis over the last couple of days.  I'm using this contest to kick off my 2009 Writer's Challenge (stay tuned!).

Tamora Pierce accepted my friend request on GoodreadsSeriously, people, I went my whole life with Robin McKinley at the head of my pantheon of Writer Gods.  Then, last year, I discovered Tamora and - bam! Robin had competition for Queen Goddess.  If you're a first-time author (cough, cough, Cindy, Ell, etc) it seems to be a good idea to join Goodreads as an author - you get a special "Goodreads Author" badge and fans flock to you.  There are also contests to win ARCs and other books.  I'm no publicist, but I think it's a pretty quick and easy means of promotion.

Ello has moved her personal blog, so be sure to go give her some "Follower" love.  She also revealed a little-known picture of me:

Even though I did very little to help out, I appreciate the sentiment. (And the waist.)

In Other News:

The 2008 Cybils finalists have been revealed, Cindy arrived home to find her ARC (yay!), Whirl is anticipating his 100th post, Moonie's quashing ovewriters,  and one of my dearest friends welcomes her New Year's baby - happy birthday, Meg!!!


  1. Love the picture of you! :)

    Just stopping by to let you know I tagged you for a meme. No pressure if you don't want to participate.

    Here's the link:

  2. Is that lemon drizzle cake? I love lemon drizzle cake although I've never been able to do "just a smidge" which is why my figure is turning seriously apple-y!

    Nice waistline. I'm completely out of ideas for Jason's. The picture reminds me of that David Niven film where he's a fighter who's been shot down but doesn't want to go to heaven just yet because he's fallen in love, so there's this big trial thing to decide his fate. I think it was called Stairway To Heaven. Anyway it's blocking any original thought entering my head. Well except one - where the mc is at butt height behind someone on an escalator and they fart but I'm not sure how far that one would take me!
    Anyhoo - you should be psyched - I seem to remember you did really well on the last one!

    Yeay! about Goodreads and congrats to your friend. New Year new baby, how lovely!

  3. Had to stop by to tell you I've given you the Butterfly Award. See the post here.

  4. Hm, yes, I think I'm going to think about Jason's.

    Nice pic. You dyed your hair, though...

  5. I'm sighing because I can't keep up with Goodreads and can't get a handle on it. But Tamora Pierce? Holy cow!!!!! I love her you know.

    I don't think I can do any contests this time way too busy with the revision.

    And please give a shout out to Travis' habitat page. It's on my blog right now.


  6. Okay, I was Googling myself. I must admit (I need a support group). But anyway...

    I appreciated what you said about my entry from last time, Aerin. But you should never be intimidated. You're an amazing writer, and I loved your entry for Running Wind.

    And I'm glad to see you did submit an entry (just checked Jason's)! I haven't read it yet, because I'm going in order (I'm at #98), but I can't wait to get to it. Anyway, just thought I'd say. :)



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