Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clarity of Night results

Blog buddy and Writer's Challenge participant Pete Dudley's entry "Sliding" won First Place!  Congratulations on a well-deserved win, PJD!

I actually received an honorable mention in the Clarity of Night Ascension contest.  This was a really difficult prompt for me, so I was proud of myself that I entered at all.  Many thanks to Tris for feedback, and to Nicholas for all kinds of help and basketball info.

Jason's introduced a helpful feature to the results.  He uses a point-based system for rating entries, with the highest possible score a 45.  Now, he's identifying the entries that rank 40 or above.  Since I've always used this as a writing exercise, I hugely appreciate this sort of feedback.


Now let's do the subjective part.

What did you think of the entries?  Which were your favorites?  Let's discuss...which reminds me...


  1. Congrats there gorgeous! That honourable mentions list read like my sidebar, you, me, McK, Precie, LaughingWolf ... and what about our Pete? You are so right about the prompt being difficult but it obviously brought out the best in us. I'm psyched!

    Yeay us!

  2. I know, didn't we do well? Congrats to you and to all of us! I'm guessing it shows that we're all serious about this, and prepared to put the work in to make it happen - maybe even that we have some ability. Hope so, anyway!

  3. Awww, shucks! Thanks for the mention. I've been working all day (durned Day Job), so I haven't been able to congratulate everyone, but Jane I noticed the same thing. Which actually does not surprise me in the least, even with 120+ entries.

    Congrats on your honorable mention, Aerin. I loved your entry.

  4. grats pjd, aerin and everyone else :D

    and yappy barfday, chris! :O lol

  5. Congrats to all of you. I, on the other hand, suck. :)

    All the winners were clearly deserving.


  6. Well you were there in my top 5... here are a few I loved... I remember the authors better than the titles...so laughingwolf, pete, janey, sameera, prashant, donna, JR, victor, mcKoala to name a few. And they all got their deserving wins too! I had kept Vesper in my top 5 too... I loved her story... and also Preacherman.. his was funny!!! Humor is always underrated!! Also yamini, terry, margaret,JC were awesome too :-D

    PS: I didn't say in so many words in the comment that I have registered.... but I'm in for ur contest right? :-D (Just checking :) )

  7. You rock, Aerin! :)

    Thanks for the props, too.

    I just wish I had more gumption to devote to fiction stuff...!



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