Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday's Must-Read


Stephen Parrish has an amazing post about the gloom and doom of the publishing industry.

And by amazing I mean that it not only exudes Stephen's characteristic sardonic wisdom, it has an anecdote about diamonds.

AND, Elsewhere 'Round the Blogosphere:

Very Important Post: Lee Wind, one of my NFP (new favorite people), talks about Prop 8.  (If you haven't watched Jack Black as Jesus, you are missing out.)

Jason Evans at Clarity of Night put up a post entitled Leeward, but it's not about Lee (above).

Church Lady asks you to guess why the naked man has a long beard. Sort of.

at  (Thanks to Lyn Viehl at PBW for the link.)

If you haven't discovered Margaret and Helen yet, you're missing a treat.  And whether you agree with their points of view or not (they're - shall we say - anti-Palin), these two grandmothers get 500+ comments per post.  (I am deliriously happy when I get 5 comments per post.)



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