Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In Character

My attempts at PhotoBoothing a pic of my new ink were unsuccessful, but led to a fun new game!

First, though, for the record (ie, Pete), here's the one on my lower back.  I got it at the world-famous Tattoo Charlie's in Louisville the summer I turned 30.  It hurt like hell, and I still love it.  Spy, I didn't know it then, but this is one of my essentials.  (I will try to get pics of the new ink soon. )

Anyway, back to the game.

I let my subscription to Vanity Fair lapse about six months ago, because one of the only features I had time to read was the very short and often hilarious "In Character," found somewhere after the up-and-coming starlet Vanities.  It features three pictures of an actor who's just been given a situation to show on his or her face.  "In Character" was created by photographer Howard Schatz, whose book In Character: Characters Acting was published in 2006.  Here are some examples:

David Strathairn
Left: You're a 9-year-old boy hearing about the details of sex for the first time from your 16-year-old brother.
Center: You're an evangelical preacher, screaming to your flock, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, JESUS!"
Right: You're an ex-jock dad, apoplectic over the penalty the soccer ref has called against your seven-year-old son for a tackling foul.

Mariska Hargitay
Left: You’re a middle-aged woman at your mother’s hospital bedside as she hovers near death, remembering the quarrel you had with her when you were last together.
Center: You’re a perky gal in your 20s whose boyfriend of two years has asked you to close your eyes because he has a very special surprise for you!
Right: You’re a six-year-old at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for the first time, startled by a bang from a huge cannon and the sight of a sleek, silver-clad woman flying high above the crowd in an arc.

David Schwimmer

Left: You’re the last New England Patriot left in the locker room on February 3, 2008, knowing that the chance of a lifetime has been missed.
Center: You’re a young entomologist on a research trip along the Amazon, happening upon a previously unknown species of borer—your ticket to tenure.
Right: You’re the tightly wound girls’ volleyball coach at a posh prep school, screaming at your well-brought-up players to “crush ‘em, make ‘em cry!”

Chloe Sevigny

Left: You’re a hyperkinetic eight-year-old drama queen at her birthday party, hearing that the clown has just arrived.
Center: You’re a mom at your seven-year-old daughter’s ballet recital, watching her execute an adorably imperfect pirouette and an almost flawless curtsy.
Right: You’re a high-school senior whose parents are at work, just about to have sex with your boyfriend for the first time, when your kid sister bursts into the room.


All right, lovies.  Hit me with some captions for these oh-so-fun snapshots.  And take a few minutes to do your own version of "In Character."  If nothing else, the celeb labels should boost your Google-searches!


  1. This looks great fun but I need to get dressed and get the Small Son to school and then go to work (8.15 - where does the time go?)

    I like David Schwimmer's the best - aside from yours which kinda goes without saying!

  2. Left: Your husband has just announced that he's won a week-long skiing vacation in Aspen in February and he's decided to take his best friend because it's only for two and you'll need to look after the kids. You're thinking "Yes Darling that's fine, but let's just see how excited you'll be when I give up sex for Lent."

    Middle "I was going for fearsome but I think I'm just coming off as annoying."

    Right: "Cookies and root beer for breakfast? Seriously?"

  3. Um, well, I might be of one-track mind at the moment.

    Left: You're thinking how wonderful it will be after your dental appointment. After six months of hell, you have two tiny cavities, in and out, no pain, and you'll be free of going to the dentist!

    Center: What? You mean my simple cavity is a root canal? You put medicine, without my permission, under my cavity and it's going to hurt for 4-8 weeks? And I won't be able to chew on the right side of my mouth?

    Right: You promised me that this little cavity on the right was just a cavity. I told you that if it was going to be more, then don't do it, because I need to be able to chew on one side of my mouth. You said that wouldn't happen. And now you're telling me it's a root canal, too? And you're telling me I now can't chew on either side of my mouth?

  4. Hope your tea didn't come out your nose when you laughed, but I'm glad that I helped you start your day out right with my post. I'm also glad you are up for playing games - consider yourself tagged.

    I love the ink too - and I am jealous.

  5. Left: You are a mom nostalgically thinking about her non-saggy boobed, flat stomached, no stretch-marked size four jean pre-kid body.
    Middle: You are a terrible actress playing the part of the Cowardly Lion in the community theater rendition of The Wizard of Oz who has been directed to roar scarily and has just, in fact, delivered the line, "ROAR!"
    Right: You are my thirteen year old daughter. (I swear she gave me that exact look no less than five minutes ago).

  6. Left:

    Chocolate or peanut butter? Chocolate or peanut butter? (Screw it. Both.)


    Post chocolate and peanut butter feast.


    Why the heck do you always blame me when we're out of chocolate and peanut butter? Sheesh!

    (This looks like fun! I would love to play around with this.)


  7. Left, you're remembering your first ever kiss and wondering why that relationship never worked out.

    Centre; you've just been told that your mother in law, whom you hate, has once again knitted you yet another scarf for Christmas. You think you might need to throttle her with it.

    Right; your husband has just told you that once again he's forgotten to put out the trash, forgotten to buy bring home the pizza you asked him to collect, and oh the dog just pooped in the passage.

    Love the ink!



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