Friday, December 19, 2008

Book Challenge: New Authors

Thanks for the info from Alyce at At Home with Books!

The idea is to read 50 (or as many as you want) new authors (to you) throughout 2009. Here are the guidelines:

The challenge will run from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009.

Since this is an author challenge, there is no restriction on choosing your novels. They can definitely be from other challenges. However, the authors must be new to you and, preferably from novels, but anthologies are also a great way to try someone new.

It's supposed to be easy challenge, so you state how many new authors you want to try this year and then that’s your challenge.  I’m trying 25 new authors. If you want a number given to you, try for either 25 or 50.

Add your name to the Mr. Linky at Literary Escapism.

Bloggers or Non-Bloggers alike are welcome!


  1. Ok I'm in. Um, of course I might need a reminder that I'm in, but this sounds like a great challenge for me!

  2. Ell, we've already got two - Cindy & Stuart - and is yours releasing in 2009? That's an easy 3 for me.

  3. Ha, and there I was doing that this year!
    But it sounds like a great challenge - now I just wish I could get the books by those "new" authors here! And don't suggest Amazon, they no longer mail here because our post office workers steal everything! How tragic is that!

  4. I didn't hear back from the winner of you know what on time. I decided to choose you instead since you were the most excited about the book! Still think I'm evil? lol

  5. oh I could not find your email addy. Email me your shipping info: sharonluvscats80atyahoodotcom



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