Monday, December 8, 2008

Another one

WOW - another Monday Must-Read!

Spy Scribbler wrote a post that frightened me a little bit because of the precision with which it captured the essence of my soul.  In a weird way, it made me happy to be me. 

I would tell you to just gosh darn subscribe to Spy Scribbler's blog, but then you wouldn't come here and the narcissist in me who watches the visitor counter would be very sad. (Speaking of which, do you like my new photo??)


  1. LOL! Aww, thanks. :-) And there's plenty of room in a Google Reader for the both of us. :-)

    When I read that quote from Laura Miller, my heart skipped a beat, swear to God. And I totally teared up, reading her prologue! She totally recaptured for me the memory of my childhood reading!

  2. I forgot to say: love the new photo!

  3. Oh what SS says about that secret space in one's heart - oh yes, so spot on!

    And yes, love the picture, very pensive, dear!


  4. pic looks good, but not so good as mine :P lol

    ss does post neat stuff ;)

  5. You look beautiful and the post was rather fab too.

  6. yeah, of course the photo is muy bueno, but didn't you say something about new ink? Still waiting.



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